Community Builder Anatomy – Part 2 – The User Manager

User manager is the backbone of every community builder application and it is often combined with an Access Control List (ACL) to grant or deny access permissions to users who interact with the system. A user profile contains information about a user’s identity and possibly the history of activities. User Manager is also used for registering and authenticating the community members.

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Anatomy of a Community Builder Web App – Part 1

I have broken down this article to approximately 15 posts which I’ll publish once every week. You could also access them using the keyword rmdstudio cb anatomy¬†on Technorati. Readers from both business or technology backgrounds could find this article useful.

Anatomy of a Community Builder Web Application
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This article portrays a 10,000 feet view of a Community Builder (CB) web application similar to the ones you see around on the web (Flickr, Facebook,, … ), although my take on this topic would be a bit more vanilla and abstract. Building a more sophisticated CB application is closely tied to the business requirements and also the cultural and sociological aspects of the online community we’re trying to grow. Knowing that, each specialized case should be treated differently and that really goes beyond the scope of this article.

In the mean time, as I am dissecting and going through , I will be emphasizing details that I think are important.

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You are beautiful!

Yes, I know it sounds like the title of a dodgy song, but have you guys noticed a boost in people’s self esteem? I mean for the last few decades people have been bombarded in TV commercials that they aren’t good enough unless they buy a certain product that corporations are trying to sell.

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