Peter Day’s Business World Podcast


One of my favorite podcasts is the Peter Day’s Business World Podcast on BBC Radio 4. He has produced a set of excellent programs about Collaborative and Open Source business models. These are insights often unlikely to be heard on many old skool business programs.

In one of his recent podcasts, Peter was interviewing executives from LEGO and Procter & Gamble about how they were using customers’ collaborative and aggregated inputs to improve products and services.

Here are the programs that I recommend:

  • Eureka Democracy: Peter Day considers if innovation is best left to companies.
  • Research Party: Peter Day looks at US industry’s ‘secret sauce’.
  • Caught in the web In Business looks at the free software movement and asks whether it makes sense to use programmes on the internet instead.
  • New Wave Computing Open-source software and mash-up websites are altering the face of computing, again.

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