Drupal is the overall 2007 open source CMS award winner


Packt Publishing announces Drupal CMS as the overall winner of 2007 open source cms. Congratulations Drupal! Yet another great open source CMS is now on the top.

After three intense months of voting, Packt Publishing can today announce that Drupal has won the Overall 2007 Open Source CMS Award. With 18,000 votes on Packt’s website, coupled with the expert opinions from a panel of judges …

Drupal CMS
Come on Drupal! get your site up! you’ve just won an award!

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3 thoughts on “Drupal is the overall 2007 open source CMS award winner”

  1. I have to admit; that was unfortunate timing, wasn’t it? Why have a planned outage the day the announcement would be made? Too many people wanted to come by the house and visit – not a good day to clean the carpet. 😉

    Thanks for your positive comments for the Drupal Community. You and Andrew and Louis are great sports and we are all energized for next year!

  2. I know I couldn’t resist, I had to post that screen capture!


    I think any good news in the open source world should be celebrated. Someone once told me that we aren’t competitors, in fact we are all part of the open web. Joomla and Drupal cross pollinated many good ideas and they are both solid good applications in my opinion, yet they have been built with slightly different philosophies in mind, again that’s a good thing too, because “Diversity is Strength!” .

  3. Agree 100%! Well said! I think there are so many opportunities as both communities move forward, closer all the time.

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