Vancouver Joomla! Public Bug Squashing event – part 2

Joomla! CMSIt is 4:00 PM and we have squashed one bug so far. A bit time consuming, but it was a high priority bug. Yes the darn thing was so big that we almost tripped over squashing it! There are still 28 people on the IRC. The event has been a success and so much fun so far.

First Joomla Bug Fixing event in Vancouver

In the far end you see Ash from ( combing through the code. Ash is originally a Ruby on Rails developer, but recently has been interested in Joomla! CMS framework. Ash is a brilliant developer and so passionate about software architecture. He is also the man behind the ClassTalk Facebook Application. In fact that is were we met for the first time. Ash did this wonderful presentation at the Facebook Applications Developer’s Garage.

December 2007 Joomla Public Bug Fixing day

You can see me on the live stream here

That’s me on the top-left corner. On the bottom right you see Johan Janssens; he is the Joomla! CMS lead developer. The other folks in the picture are the team in the San Francisco California working with us.

Joomla! Public Bug Fixing event in Vancouver

People were so nice. They would drop by to say hello, the whole idea that Joomla! community members in 5 locations around the globe were collaborating to debug a top-notch content management system such as was so inspiring to them. We’ve had two Microsoft employees talking to us, and a freshman Computer Science student too.

Joomla! Public Bug Fixing event in Vancouver

Gwyn has been working with us for the last few hours. He had heard about the Vancouver Joomla! PBF event and decided to join us. Gwyn is an Economics student at SFU. His website is:

I am already getting a sugar high! Perhaps next time we will be going to a different venue just for a change. This one was really a warm up and the results in all 5 groups were quite impressive.

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The first Vancouver Joomla! CMS Public Bug fixing day begins

Vancouver Joomla Public Bug Fixing Day

Here we are at the Blenz coffee in Yaletown, Downtown Vancouver, BC. This is me ( Rastin Mehr – Joomla! Development Work Group Member ) and Ash ( joining our other team-mates around the world. We have all been working for the last couple days from Brussels, Washington DC, New York, and San Francisco. We are connecting through IRC channels as a group effort to fix bugs in the next released of Joomla! CMS verion 1.5 the best open source content management system on the face of planet.

There are currently 42 people on the IRC channel working. For those of you who would like to join us in Vancouver you can contact me right now on my cell: 778 885 0807 or skyp me: webarchitect

You can also join our party virtually on the IRC: #[email protected]

We will be updating this blog as we go today, so please stay tunned


Vancouver Joomla Public Bug Fixing Day

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Join us for the First Vancouver Joomla Bug Squashing Event

Joomla! CMSTo all the Vancouver, BC, Joomla! developers, bring-in your laptops and join us for a Joomla 1.5 bug squashing event. We are getting together on Sunday, December the 9th, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM in Blenz Coffee Yaletown ( Location: 338 Helmcken Street ) where there is free wireless internet, endless supply of caffeine, and beautiful down town scenery. Not to mention there will be half-price Pizza & Beer next door at the Yaletown Pub to make our party even more exciting.


During the weekend our team-mates will be working with us from San Francisco, New York, and Brussels and chat with us on the IRC channels.

If you can’t join us in person, come and join us on IRC. For more fun, you can even organize a local bug squashing by finding a space with room for you and some others to work, and getting some food. Just join in the IRC so you know what is happening elsewhere.

We will also try to setup a live webcam feed and welcome everyone to idle in #[email protected] to help out.

Event is organized by rmd Studio Inc. and Peer Globe Technologies for Joomla! CMS, one of the most powerful Open Source Content Management Systems on the planet.

To RSVP simply post a comment for this blog post. Looking forward to seeing you.

Here is the announcement on the Joomla! Website

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