RubberDoc version 0.9.6 Keeps your Docs in Order!

Aug 25th Update: we have just resolved 2 bugs regarding the doc reordering in the Administration back-end. We aren’t going to release a new version for only 2 bug fixes, so if you have downloaded the version 0.9.6 prior to this date, please download and install the extension again, or simply update the source code files for the administration back-end.

RubberDoc Version 0.9.6 has just been released!

Now RubberDoc can not only keep your Docs in a row, it can keep them in Order too! We have implemented ordering for the categories and category pages. You can even assign ordering from the edit RubberDoc Plugin.

This was a one day update, based on some requests from our Client SPARC BC and some of the recommendations that all of you have provided.

We apologize for not being as responsive lately in answering your comments posted here. We’ve head an early Fall client rush and we have to deliver all of those contracts that we sign. If you have any immediate enquiries that requires enhancements to the RubberDoc, you can always hire us. In the mean time we do our best to respond to your questions here on our blog.

This project has been first inspired by our client Social Planning & Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) you can see RubberDoc being used to manage more than 140 documents on their website. We have just launched their Joomla powered website few days ago.


+ Document ordering has been implemented
+ Download Link ordering within the articles has been implemented

Please Feel free to improve the code

The source code is released under the GPL license, so feel free to read through it and improve it if you liked and in that case please give us a copy too. You will get credit for your contribution on the “About” section of the component.


RubberDoc is a collaborative project done by:

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