A tip to make your price negotiation easier

Yaletown, 20-Oct-08

Here is a little tip to make your price negotiations easier during the 2009.

As technology experts we often like to use every opportunity to remind our clients that we are on top of things and perfectly able to take care of their problems.

It is a bad idea that while we go through their list of requirement to say:

“Oh that’s easy!”

“Oh that only takes 20 minutes”

“Oh that’s just a (insert fancy technical name) that’s fine!”

Because then client will be having a difficult time justifying why on earth they should be paying you big bucks for jobs that are too easy, take 20 min to implement, and use technologies that are common place!

The reality is that:

Easy jobs will still take up some time to be implemented and the Client is billed for those hours.

Once tunned into the work mode, Programmers, Designers, and those who are in love with their work often don’t realize how fast time is passing, so several hours actually do feel like only 20 minutes.

So next time that we see an “easy” list of requirements, it would be better to say, “Sure, we know exactly how to do it, how much time do we have for this?”

Trust me! Your price negotiation will  go through a lot smoother!

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