I would be more optimistic about the economic recession

I think recession is just another word for dinosaurs getting wiped out. Every once in a while business practises and models that are no longer effective and efficient get removed from the ecosystem, and a whole new generation of species emerge because they focus on being innovative and doing things differently. In other words, an economic recession is the process of Natural Selection in the Market Evolution process. The problem is that for a while we have do deal with the disturbance and the smell of dinosaurs carcasses rotting around us.

I don’t think we can change that, but we can change the way we operate and manager our lives and businesses to coordinate with the changes in the environment.

I would also stay away from mainstream news media. Advertisement spending and market is in the historically low. TV, Radio, and Newspapers are pushing sad and depressing news more than ever to get some more audience. So their distorted view doesn’t quite reflect the realities of what’s happening today. “Experts” and “Forecasters” focus on things that people can understand rather than things that are actually happening. Reporters love the experts, because they generate content for them. Experts love to be on the spotlight to promote their agendas, and this vicious cycle continues.

On the other hand it is a great time to gather some people that you have good chemistry with and start your own company. After all that is where real job security is where you get to pull all the shots and if something doesn’t work, you get to fix it yourself. Or join a smaller niche market company where there aren’t many layers of management, and business operations costs are much lower so they hit the break-even much quicker and make profits.

Don’t skip the Information Design stage

Before wondering what template and layout design to have for your content management powered website, first make sure that you have worked out the information design and how your content will be organized and entered in the CMS, or else you would be tailoring clothes without knowing a body’s shape, size, and measurements.