Nooku Interview with Rastin Mehr on Vimeo about Anahita Social Engine â„¢

Anahita Social Engine with Joomla! from Nooku on Vimeo.

Yesterday Peter Russel interviewed me about the Anahita Social Engine ™ and how we used the beloved Nooku Framework to develop our social web development technology. I think despite the stuffy nose caused by summer allergy and being up early after late hours of working the night before,  I managed to communicate what we have been cooking up for the past 18 months!

I wish my good friend and partner Ash Sanieyan from Peerglobe Technology could be there in the video too. Having spent countless of sleepless nights and long working days together on the Anahita project he could have offered very interesting inputs about the technology from his own perspective. Perhaps next time he will the one on the spotlight while I’ll be coding and fixing bugs 🙂

Thank you very much Peter, Johan, and Mathias (the Nooku folks) for this interview 🙂

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