Anahita Social Engine â„¢ Presentation at the Vancouver DemoCamp 07

This article has already been posted on the Anahitapolis blog, however for many who are still unaware of that website, here is the link. This event was organized by our wonderful friends Boris Mann, Sonia Ryan, and Roland Tanglao from the Bootup Entrepreneurial Society who gave us the spotlight for 30 minutes on July 7th 2009 at the WorkSpace in a room with at least 60-80 people from the vancouver technology community. Thank you so much for this opportunity guys!

Here is the video and since the slide show is not quite clear in it we have also embeded the presentation as a slideshare in this blog post for you. Thank you Roland for the great video that you’ve made. The the other project that presented after us was BuddyPress from Automattic. These are the same great folks who have devleoped the WordPress blogging software.

Thank You Anahita Partners

We would like to thank dearly from our Partners who are supporting and participating in the Anahita Social Engine project. This project wouldn’t be possible without you!
Mr. Elund Christensen