Lose the Feature-List And Start Experiencing

When we go around looking for something or someone solely based on the list of required features in our hands, we are still missing a whole lot of information that contribute to our success. I mean it is quite possible to end up dating a yellow baboon! After all she has beautiful blonde hair, big brown eyes, a big smile, prefers a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables; she is none-smoking, funny and very cuddly. Who wouldn’t want to take this young lady out for a dinner based on those descriptions?

In reality many of those who shop around based on a list of features, do in fact end up cuddling with the yellow monkey instead!

It is the quality of experience, context, and the philosophy behind something or someone’s personality that defines an ideal match. One reason behind the success of Apple products, Skype, or Facebook is the rich user experience and the difference that they make in our day-to-day life. Successful business partners or romantic partners do not recruit each other and instead attract each other in so many different levels.

So stop asking questions and start experiencing!