No is not enough by Naomi Klein

I finished this book about a month ago after the US election and the 46th US President’s inauguration. It talks about how the Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan type Neoliberalism eventually became the infrastructure that led to Populism and White Nationalism’s recent rise. There is a good discussion on how the centrist liberal democratic political parties only bring about social change incrementally. In contrast, social democratic parties aim for the overhaul of the system for the wellbeing of humanity and the environment.

This book was emotionally difficult to read before the US election. But when President IQ45 lost the election, I decided to continue reading it to the end because I knew there would be a happy ending.

I first learned about Naomi Klein when I was a university student. One day I saw her book No Logo in a bookstore. Then I heard her interview on the TeamHuman Podcast and decided to buy a couple of her books. If you are left with many questions about the world’s state since 2016, Naomi Klein has good explanations in this book.