Social Graphing Models used in the Social Networks

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Modern social networking applications use a Social Engine at the heart. Older Social Networking websites such as may not have such a clean cut architecture, however the core of the system sort of behaves more or less as a Social Engine does.

A Social Engine is in charge of managing people profiles, search, privacy, messaging, notification, requests, and most important of all Social Graphing.

Social Graphing is just a fancy technical name for the relationship among the people  described as “Friends” or “Contacts”, in other words it is the “Network” in Social Network. It is the reason that people join such a websites so they can be perpetually in touch with each other and stay informed about each other’s activities.

Currently there are two models of social graph implementations in the existing social networking websites:

  1. The Lead, Follow, Mutual Model used in the more modern systems (Twitter and Digg) due to its more flexible and generic nature.
  2. The Enforced Mutual Friend model which is more stiff and specific. It was used in the earlier social networking websites and some of today’s websites such as Facebook are still stuck with it.

We are about to explain these models, and please keep in mind the best social graphing model is that one that is Most Flexible and Most Generic in the same time.

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Marking 100th post and wishing you a Happy New Year

Yaletown, 17-Dec-08

This is the 100th post from a dyslexic mind who thought he could not write to save his life, so for all of you avid bloggers out there, please don’t laugh! This was seriously an achievement for me.

I must say that Twitter has contributed a lot, and all those microposts of 145 characters pushed my mind to write a few more words. I also learnt that I don’t have to write full blown articles all the time, so in 2009 if my post is too large to fit on Twitter, It’ll qualify to become a blog post.

So Happy New Year! We know it is a bit late, but we have been recharging our batteries and reviving ourselves from the hard work we did in the last few remaning weeks of 2008. A lot of good things happened last year such as the Anahtia Social Engine Project, starting to develop iPhone Apps, moving our office to the heart of Yaletown Vancouver, and much more.

to mark the 100th post we would like to mention some of the popular rmd studio blog posts here:

So what else is new?

A lot actually. In a nutshell here is the list

  • Anahita Social Engine project is growing fast and it is now Google Open Social compliant. Within 60 days, we are about to launch a client project which has more than 200K users, and it is powered by the Anahita Social Engine. We are going to launch the support and distribution website for the Anahita project this year.
  • We are now developing iPhone Apps too! We are about to release our 2nd client project which is a Medical Calculator. Do you have an iPhone project, please bring it on. You know that millions of iPhones have been sold and millions more will be sold this year right? You can also sell them on the iPhone Apps store and make money! That’s right, there is business model right there. So bring on those projects, and we would be happy to help you
  • We’ve received many encouraging responses for the RubberDoc project, we are also overwhelmed by large number of support requests ( here and here ), which means we have to setup a system so we could get paid for the hours spent on the support, or else we won’t be able to do a good job keeping the users happy. We will be further improving the Joomla RubberDoc extensions mainly becuase some of our prime clients such as SPARC BC are currently using it.
  • New rmd Studio website and blog are being developed, we need to upgrade and improve our websites as we do every new year.
  • rmd Studio is Blessed to be working with such a great team of associates such as JenTekk Web Solutions, Peerglobe Technology, Joomlatools, and Rockettheme.

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