Blog has been upgraded but there are some bugs

Update: alright problem is solved. This time I have used the WordPress K2 theme which turned out to be able to handle multiple columns perfectly and it has been well maintained by its creators. So do not use the 3ColumnK2 theme it seems to be dormant and it no longer works with the version of WordPress.

Just an hour ago I’ve upgraded to the WordPress 2.7.1 however the probelm is that 3ColumnK2 theme that is used as the base for developing the rmd Studio blog theme, has some issues with the recent version of WP. For example you can’t click on the arrow above and go to the previous page. Unfortunately seems like that the 3ColumnK2 project has been dormant which means I either have to fix this theme myself or redesign a whole new theme.

Anybody else experiencing the same issue? I’d appreciate your comments.

Make sure to use a Social Engine for your Social Anything Project

A social engine is a platform that manages user profiles, privacy, social graphing, and enables us to run social applications on it. It also provides a software development framework and API to those who wish to develop social applications, games, and social engine enhancers. When you think about it, a Social Engine is a lot like a web based secondary operating system! You get OSX, Linux, Windows and then you can install and run applications on them. They also provide application development APIs, manage user accounts, permissions, and much more.

I’ve seen companies who try imitating the features of a social network ( user profiles, social graph, … ) using Drupal, WordPress but the end result though mimicking a social network’s behaviour is not a platform which can run social applications. They are also solutions carved out of granite that look shiny and nice at the beginning, but they turn into nightmares to maintain, because the idea of having a well supported infrastructure was not considered from the beginning.

Naive clients who think building a social network is yet another web design project totally fall for that, and wonder why they end up with clunky websites that look nice, but don’t operate as they should, and they are impossible to upgrade as the market trend changes.

So please don’t shoehorn a CMS into a social networking project. Understand what a social engine is, and make sure your Social Anything project is going to be developed using one.

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No we didn’t get hacked, you typed the domain name wrong

So far 2 people have reported that they have been typing the domain name and apparently that website has been hacked. We would like to remind you that we do not own that domain name and despite the similarity in name, we have no associations with the website and it’s owner what so ever.

Our company address is Singular and not plural

We only wanted and need one studio, why would we ever consider many of them? And by the way, we do take web security very seriously 🙂