We are celebrating 10k code commits for Anahita

Anahita 10,000 code commits

Anahitaâ„¢ is the open source social networking software that we have been developing for the past 3 years and we have just passed 10,000 code commits to the Anahita code repository. That will be over 3400 hours of work done by 2 people, myself and Ash Sanieyan from PeerGlobe Technology who is the architect of the Anahita framework following the true Nodes-Graphs-Stories architecture.

Anahita is both a powerful framework for developing custom social applications and a great platform for hosting them.

We often joke that Anahita is RAD, SAASY, and Social pointing out the facts that Anahita is a Rapid Application Development framework which is great for developing Software As A Service social networking business projects.

We are currently working on the Anahita 1.6 and 1.7 codebase which will bring many new possibilities and improvements to the overal design of the software. This also means that the next 4 months are going to be very exciting times for us.

To celebrate the 10k code commits we are currently offering a 35% discount coupon for the Anahita Premium Tribe membership. The coupon is only valid for the next 72 hours, so if you have been waiting for a good saving to join the Anahita premium tribe, now is the time. To read the announcement and get the coupon code go to this blog post on Anahitapolis: Anahita is celebrating 10,000 code commits

New Premium Plans on Anahitapolis

Until now Anahitapolis (home of Anahita project) has been offering only one premium plan which provided complete access to all the Anahitapolis resources. In the mean time some premium members required private consulting with us so we could help them with their social networking related project. During those meetings, we often discuss topics such as Anahita social app development, code reviews, and development of a strategy on how to save time and cost as well as reducing the involved risks.

Anahitapolis is currently offering 3 Premium Plans: Platinum, Gold, and Titanium. The last 2 are bundled with 2 and 12 hours of private consulting hours at discounted rate which makes them great values for premium tribe members who are currently developing a social networking project or service.

You can follow updates regarding the Anahita Social Networking Engine project by following the: