RIP Steve Jobs!

You have changed our lives in ways nobody else did. Your memory will be in our hearts and minds and for centuries to come many hackers and entrepreneurs will be inspired by you.

A technology is better when it is improving one’s life

This video has been circulating around on the web and it is a very moving scene of a 29 year old girl, who has been deaf from the birth time, hearing herself for the first time.

This video is especially very moving for me. As a technologist, I always wonder if what I create can and will change one’s life this much!

I’ve always believed that a technology that I develop better leave a major positive impact on people’s lives and this video portrays how much more profound and rewarding the outcome can be.

I think brilliant technologies that don’t get used and make no difference in our lives are nothing but intellectual and artistic expressions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with expressing intellectual and artistic abilities, but I think inventors, creators, and scientists have a responsibility go far beyond that.