The Rise Of Hackerpreneurs

Last week Ash and I were interviewed on the BobBloom podcast show from the  and we talked about the Anahita Social Networking Engine project and how has become an environment for Hackers, Entrepreneurs, and Hackerpreneurs to build and launch their business or hobby projects using the open source infrastructure that we are providing.

We also discuss how the new generation of hackers and developers who have become entrepreneurs are the very competitive forces in technology market.

You can listen to the podcast here: Hackerprenomics with Rastin and Ash

We would like to thank Bob for having us on his show. BobBloom is a technologist, consultant, developer, and podcaster in Toronto, Canada. He produces shows about Joomla and Nooku Framework from the perspective of consultants and developers with an eye on the business side. You can visit his website and follow him on twitter @BobBloom

Rent a desk in our office

We have one or two desks available in our office that we would like to share with like minded, quiet, and responsible people. Our office is located in the beautiful yaletown Vancouver at #111-1118 Homer street on the first floor of Empress Galleria building. There is also a meeting table that we could share and Internet connection is included when you rent a desk with us.

You will fall in love with the brick and beam heritage look and the hard wood floors. If you are a startup or freelancers who would like to have an office space of your own, we wouldn’t mind sharing it with you at a monthly rate which is a very good value.

If you are interested please call: 778 885 0807

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