Finally wrapping up 2012

Working on Saturday. #Anahita 2.2.3 Birth release is ready with a lot of bug fixes

Every new year some of the work from the previous year spills over and keeps us busy for at least a couple more weeks. The year 2012 started slow and clumsy at first, but it turned out to be a very productive and fruitful year for us.

We had 4 Anahita birth release of 1.6, 2.0, 2.1, 2.2. This project has grown quite a bit during the last year. If you don’t know about the Anahita project, it is a developer friendly social networking platform and framework that provides you a lot of the design patterns used for developing custom social networking apps and services using a correct nodes-graphs-stories architecture.

The improvements from Anahita 1.5 to the current release 2.2.3 are very prominent. Anahita is still a young project. By the end of 2013 we are aiming to have a codebase that is mostly native code and completely Joomla free as well as new social features that need to be available at the framework level for all the apps to use such as: global graph search, folksonomy, sharing, mentions, geolocations, and mobile accessibility. I can go on and on about the Anahita project, because it is our life project and part of our world liberation plan.

Another highlight of last year is the fact that we started to develop Android mobile apps as well as iphone and ipad. Our projects are now more focused on building location, communication, and social networking apps as well as custom scientific tools and calculators. We still do not accept mobile games. Sorry, but developing games requires a completely different skill set and project management workflow. We have also become a lot more meticulous about accepting projects from the “idea people” and startups.

Our client list is continuing to grow, thank you so much for all your business. We are now ready to take on 2013 with many more exciting projects and of course continue taking the Anahita project to a whole new level as the best social networking infrastructure technology there is.