Canadians aren’t divided when it gets to COVID-19 Vaccination

Right now, over 82% of Canadians 5+ of age have received at least two doses of vaccines. Over 90% of 12+ have received at least two doses of vaccines in BC. This is a substantial public health accomplishment for both the Federal and Provincial governments and the Canadians who chose to vaccinate and follow public health guidelines.

These numbers show that Canadians aren’t divided on this issue, and they are overwhelmingly pro-science and pro-vaccination.

This is an accomplishment of public education which means we should do even more to support our teachers and public schools to have healthier democracies and governments that always legislate science and evidence-based policies.

Future World by Peter Goodwin 1979

I have a habit of rescuing orphaned books. I often find books left behind in the corridors or on the street, and I adopt them. I found the book Future World by Peter Goodwin inside a box outside a campus library. I love vintage science books that depicted life in the “future” where space travel, robots, and computers were the norm. This book is from 1979, and it is one of my favourite items on my bookshelves, mainly because it contains beautiful futuristic illustrations with bold and sometimes naive predictions.