Making Coffee Marks

I used to draw and illustrate quite a bit. It was a hobby I picked up after a relationship meltdown. Acquiring a new skill is one of my ways of coping with the post break up depression.

Problem with drawing is that it is a solo and quiet practice and I do need to get out more and socialize. There is no such a thing as work-life balance in an entrepreneur’s life. You only get to balance the works you like with the ones that you have to do. When you don’t find the time to nurture your desires to create art, it will find new ways to come out. One morning after I finished my french press coffee I left the mug upside down on the saucer before leaving. When I got home I saw this!

This is a recapture of he same mark after few days of drying it off. Also a better background. I am tempted to reproduce these on paper now #coffee

and here I got the idea that maybe I can create art with my morning coffee. It will only take a few seconds which works well with my schedule. So every morning I left my mug upside down on a drawing paper. I was prepared to see a lot of bad results. Mind you, these patterns are quite random. I was waiting to see those serendipitous results.

I don't know what to do with these now. They are taking over my kitchen #coffeeart

I started to play around with different consistencies of coffee grind. These patterns were quite fragile and I needed to find ways to fixate them. I noticed Faxative spray – which is used for protecting pencil drawings – worked reasonably well to protect the coffee patterns. I still managed to damage some of the patterns through the process.

Order emerges from chaos in the universe, nature, and daily life #coffeeart

This is one of my favourite patterns. It’s like the moment of big bang!

Hello, I am your morning coffee spirit #coffeeart

This is quite possibly the morning coffee spirit appearing to greet me.

Today's coffee mark. I couldn't possibly double mark this one. Minimalism won. #coffeeart

Overtime I learned to appreciate the more minimalist patterns with soft subtle edges and random dots.

Today's coffee mark #coffeeart

This may be a conceived embryo or a new universe at the moment of birth.

This might work for now #coffeeart

I was thinking of using shadow boxes to preserver the works. These patterns have been fixated and currently hanging on my coffee table. That is until I can find some frames with enough depth to contain them.

Cruise ships at Canada Place Water Front

This summer I had the opportunity to work from The Profile shared workspace in Gastown. It is a beautiful workspace if you are looking for one. The following pictures were from my desk view.

Today's view #gastown #vancouver

Now I am not particularly crazy about cruise ships. I associate them with old-retired folks, tacky casinos, gamblers, and superficial parties. I think hollywood has done a great job ruining cruise ships for me. In the mean time I can really appreciate these enormous large structures that float in the ocean. They can be very beautiful and impressive. I believe that is a Celebrities Cruise ship

My view today #gastown #vancouver

There were other aspects in this magnificent view as well. The Canada Place architecture, the mountains, the sky, and the fact that you could find any man made means of transportation in this living picture. For example those mechanical dinosaurs in this picture.

Today's view without any cruise ships #gastown #vancouver

Canada Place which looks like an enormous ship itself

Today's cruise #gastown #vancouver

I think this cruise ship has freakin lasers on its head

Another cruise ship today #gastown #Vancouver

Another Celebrities Cruise ship in a different light.

If you wish something to happen in your life you need to increase the chances of it happening

Today I played with this beautiful 4 year old Husky. She put her paw on my knee and stared into my eyes while I was sitting. That was despite her mother saying that she was afraid of men. No I wasn’t holding any food.