Common Myths About Computer Programmers

Computer Programmers are often viewed as introverted people with poor social skills who spend long hours working in tiny cubicles. This image has been further elaborated in pop culture and movies too. Well, there might be a hint of truth in that, however it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Photography by Kanaka Rastamon Some rights reserved.

Good programmers are required to understand the needs and wants of their clients or employers in order to write usable programs, and that can only be achieved when programmers maintain effective and clear communication with their peers and other stakeholders within an organization.

The cubicle image is changing too. Many programmers manage to work in places other than the traditional office environment thanks to the Internet and Wireless Networks. In fact, don’t be surprised to find programmers sitting in a hip local coffee shop, getting a good supply of caffeine, and working on the next rising star project. ( I think somebody should start researching the number of instances that programmers and coffee shop staff end up dating! Or could it be just a fantasy I have been cooking up? )

Programmers who sharpen their marketing and self promotion skills manage to negotiate higher salaries, flexible work hours, telecommuting options and more ergonomically friendly work environments. Some programmers start their own consulting companies and make fine business leaders , or else they may see employment by a company as a more attractive option; this is really a matter of personality type.

It is true, however that Programmers often work long hours; in fact the major challenge for some Project Managers is not push the programmers, but to pull them back from working too hard or else they could get burnt out. Programmers also go through very stressful times when deadlines approach. It is the responsibility of the Project Manager to facilitate the work process for the programmers by providing flexible work hours, improving communication among the team members, and creating a peaceful and interruption free work environment.

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