Thank you Amy!

Amy Stephen, my wonderful friend from the Joomla! community has written a post about me on her blog:

There is no doubt, Rastin is as geeky with code and technology as they come. But, what sets Rastin apart from many other technical people is that he also has amazing creative and artistic skill. You just do not find that combination often.

Thank you Amy! Now I have to live up to the expectations.

Amy Stephen's post about Rastin Mehr

If you ever wonder what makes people to donate their time to contribute in Open Source projects, it is because this sort of ego boosting, encouraging, appreciations. We become a large family and our goal is to develop software that kicks butt.


One thought on “Thank you Amy!”

  1. You are adorable. Honestly, Rastin. You nailed it, too, it’s the encouragement we get from one another that helps us press on and do what we can to help make the world a *little* better place with open source software. You are an inspirational part of our community.

    Best of wishes,
    Amy 🙂

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