Taking few days off to recharge

Taking few days off to recharge

My lovely visitors,

Very likely I won’t be posting anything this week. I am too busy with some projects at the moment, and following that I’ll be taking 3 days off to re-charge my batteries and relax a bit.

I’ll resume posting new short articles again next week,

Thank you

2 thoughts on “Taking few days off to recharge”

  1. Hi Rastin,

    Landed here after some search about Joomla. The web is so amazing the way it drives our discoveries and learnings !
    I took some time to browse your stuff, both personal and professional, and found your profile very interesting. I’m very curious to watch your next professional adventures as a self-employed guy. For my part, I’m also looking forward to a self-employed job, but for the moment, I’m really too much busy with my regular job as a system engineer at IBM. I wonder how people like you do have time to manage at the same time their skills building, their private life, blogging and reading blogs, developing their software library kits, setting up their websites, sorting their digital pictures on Flickr, exchanging on IRC/MSN or whatever instant messaging and newsgroups. And mostly, which of all those activities bring you revenues ? How and when do you prospect for customers ? Yeah, I sure do have some different worries comparing with you because of my two young kids, but I hope to make it very soon.

    Have a good vacation, and looking forward to read from you soon ! (sorry for my bad English, I’m French 😉 !


  2. Thank you Antoine! I’m so glad that saw my blog.

    You know what? I use to work for a corporation too, but soon I realized that true job security is self employment.

    Job security in a corporate environment is when they need us more than we need them, otherwise it would be a charity not a business. Once that balance is tipped over it is time to leave on good grounds, before they ask us to leave.

    In my current setup I prefer to work with a team of independent freelancers, small companies or nuclear corporations in a collaborative manner. We don’t need fancy titles, everybody is smart enough to know their own role in the project. In this setup, Project management is about facilitating, and providing. It is no longer about giving directive orders. It is the Hollywood model.

    Guess what! participant’s are much happier. The wiser you work, the more profit you make; no more fixed salaries.

    Thank goodness for Open Source! it provides all the resources to deliver high quality services to many clients with the fraction of the cost and time. Isn’t that wonderful?

    And one more thing!

    It is easier for a Hacker to learn business, than a Marketing Major to learn technology. If you are a Hacker, use that to your advantage. It is a pity that many Universities do not offer Computer Science and Business joint majors. Imagine how many jobs could have been created by those graduates.

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