So I skipped a week of bloging. Just recently I have co-founded a second company Tazzu Networking Ltd. , partnering with a good friend of mine Jeannette Duguay from JenTekk Web Solutions.

Now that would be one interesting project.

Tell you something I am so pleased to have Jen as my business partner, she is just the most wonderful person to work with.

This time of the year is very busy for us. Most clients want their projects ready by the end of March or April right before summer starts. To all the consultants out there, be careful with what you’re asking for when you flex some marketing muscels. You can get so overwhelmed by the results to the point that a trip to the dentist office may seem like a vacation. Ok I was just kidding!

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2 thoughts on “Skipper!”

  1. Thanks so much for these kind words Rastin. I truly couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful business partner myself.

    I look forward to many successful years with you as my business partner and trusted friend! 🙂

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