The slow writer

I often write my posts ahead of time and then let them sit for a while before I go back and review them at least few times. Writing isn’t my best skill. I do enjoy it, but I am a bit slow. I’ve always been envious of people who open their blog, make a nice post, and close it down. That’s a talent.

Just recently I have finished writing the draft for an article called “Anatomy of a Community Builder web app”. In this article I am dissecting the common web apps used for websites like Flickr, Facebook, or MySpace. I am also proposing the building blocks of an open source modular community builder.

Turned out that I really enjoyed writing about this topic so the article is now more than 10 pages. Editing and refining this article would take some time specially for a slow writer like me. The time spend on this article has reduced the frequency of my posts here too. I think while I am working on refining my article, I will also start working on a blog post about “Web Application Architects”, this way my blog doesn’t go stale.

I don’t think I would put the entire community builder article here. Perhaps I will publish it as a case study on my company website, and then make a little blog announcement for it. I can’t wait to read your comments about it.

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