Hey Starbucks! We want free internet access too

and btw your coffee really sucks!

Blenz Coffee, Wave Cafe and many indie coffee shops in Vancouver are offering free internet access. Wi-Fi access in Starbucks costs anywere from 8$ per hour to 35$ per month; what’s up with that?

We also want more electrical outlets in the stores.

Hey Starbucks! Give us Free Internet Access

6 thoughts on “Hey Starbucks! We want free internet access too”

  1. I totally agree with you. If Starbucks had free internet access they’d do more business. They certainly don’t get mine.

    Let’s spread the word… here is a website that is full of cafes that offer FREE internet access:

    Caffeinated and Unstrung: http://vancouver.wifimug.org
    ~ a Guide to Vancouver’s Free Wireless Coffee Shops ~

    PS: Buh-bye Starbucks. See ya later… NOT!

  2. So, the coffee sucks yet you want them to give you free wi-fi? That is exactly why you pay for wi-fi at Starbucks. To keep out all of you freeloaders taking up seats from paying customers who want to sit an enjoy their coffee. I have gone into Blenz and wanted to sit an all I see are laptops and people with no drinks or 6 hour old empty cups. I will take Starbucks as my FIRST choice every time! The coffee is that good and so is the wi-fi! LOL

  3. Hey,instead of complaining about it,just stop going there.Why support an American company with your hard earned dollars.The fact that they sell “kid size”coffee’s make me want to shit my pants and barf at the same time.Who wants to be poser in a place where the Joe tastes like someone pissed in a cup of brake fluid ? Support the locally owned shops,you may not look as cool drinking your non fat latte with extra foam grande frappa whatever with cinnamon and extra chocolate sprinkles in a double cup americano …………….if you feel you have to do that to fit in……….I feel sorry for you,get a life.

  4. @jane – There is not much difference between laptops and books and newspapers. Many people now read online content, and internet is needed to go with it.

    @SB Hater – I did, I’m not going to Starbucks anymore for many reasons that you’ve mentioned too. I prefer shops like JJBean or Bean Around the World. I really like their coffee.

  5. Nothing wrong with chillin’ with a good cup…………..do not forget and never underestimate the power you have as a consumer.You and I have the choice to make an ethical buy,no matter what.It is not about who is right………it’s about what is right.Power to the People !

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