Vancouver Adobe AIR Workshop

Adobe® AIR™ is this nifty technology that allows web developers to use their existing knowledge of HTML, AJAX, Flash, and Flex and develop desktop applications that are actually powered by web applications !!!

Cool isn’t it?

Why don’t you join us for a evening of breath taking Adobe AIR and learn to:

  • Create your first Flex and AIR app from scratch
  • Create your first database driver flex and AIR app using JAVA, PHP and Ruby on Rails
  • Create custom components and flex component overview and how to use somebody else’s flex components!!
  • Understanding Caringorm 2.2, Live Cycle Data Services

Workshop will be held at the beautiful Network Hub 3rd floor – 422 Richards Street Vancouver on January 16th from 6:00 – 9:00 PM

If you have developed any Adobe AIR applications, we would like to also invite you to be on the spot light and make little presentation for us. I’m sure many would love to know more about your great development skills.

There will be free Coffee and Snacks served at the event

This workshop is sponsored by:

PeerGlobe Technologies

The Network Hub - Startup Launch Pad

rmd Studio Inc. - Custom CMS & Social Media Technology Solutions

Tazzu Business & Technology Community

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  1. Thanks Rastin,

    I am really looking forward for this event. if you want to sign up you can do that at or if you are a facebooker you can go to the facebook event page directly and sign up at

    While you are in facebook be sure to check Peerglobe Technology at and RMDStudio at

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