Any news on the Anahita Social Networking project?

We have been receiving emails on a daily basis regarding the release date of Anahita project.

The reality is that we can deploy it as a part of a commercial social networking project right now, but the packaged GPL version will take a bit longer. We would like to roll it out within the next 6 months or much earlier if possible. I wish I could give you an exact date, but we don’t want to spread  rumors. I think as it is there are enough words circulating around in the community.

The technology will be available for sure, because it is one of our core products. 😉

7 thoughts on “Any news on the Anahita Social Networking project?”

  1. Will anahita have a dating component. Apparantly this is the future of dating and social sites from what I read, the combination of the two. made a huge entrance. The only difference I see is that the dating/social site has a search engine with gender, state, city, keywords phrase. Subscription and gallery control too.

    Any of this in the software?

  2. @tom – The current design of the Anahita User Manager does have

    – Address fields (for geo coding purpose)
    – Gender
    – Religion
    – Political View
    – Relationship status
    – Bio (a large text area)

    Not necessarily for sake of dating, but because those characteristics can define what an individual is. In real life when we meet someone new, very likely we will be looking into those type of information about them.

    We thought the additional information about the individual can be obtained from the history of an individual’s activity within a social network ( resume, posted pictures, videos, and the public record of conversations with the other members )

  3. Kudos to you guys for working on the Anahita project. It looks very promising! Are we still shooting for September?

  4. Hi there,

    would you be so kindly and set up a little maillingslist that informs us when its done? This would be very fine and would make much people glad, i think…

  5. Thanks for the response on the dating question. Social or dating, it would be great if optional fields could be added or changed. And being able to search on the fields would be great as well. Say I want to search for someone from the same state, same political view, who is single.

    Dual purpose social/dating site.

    One more question if I may: The only other thing that would make it this great dual social/dating site: Hiding profile pictures unless invited by the inquiring party to see the picture. Then a ‘free’ social/dating model is accomplished. Many people wont put up a profile pic on a public site. Invitation to see the pic is the workaround.

    Those seem to be the only things that separate good social sites from good dating sites. A good search ability with like 8 fields and permissions on pictures.


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