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Just ordered tiny new business cards from the and that is the image which goes behind the cards. My father comes from the old school background and he things moo cards are childish, but I have been getting incredible feedbacks and remarks from people while handing out those cards. People would follow me around or email me to ask where I got them.

I think it has little to do with the small and peculiar look of these cards. I think it has more to do with the fact that most people that have been handing out Moo biz cards, are the ones who have quite active Social Media live especially on Flickr and Facebook, and that could be a selling factor for an individual who offers Social Media Technology and Marketing solutions.

Could it be that I just came up with this post out of boredom while sipping my drink and a cool cafe in Yaletown? What do you think, is there a direct relation between the Moo products and Social Media lifestyle?

Joomla RubberDoc V0.9.5 has been released

The new released contains a number of improvement and bug fixes based on all your valuable feedbacks. We would like to thank you for all the comments, star ratings, and reviews that you have posted. We couldn’t have done it without your help. Since the previous support post was getting too long, let’s use this blog post for the support purpose. Please post your concerns, questions, and feedbacks as comments.

Joomla RubberDoc has just been released

This project has been first inspired by our client Social Planning & Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) you can see RubberDoc being used to manage more than 140 documents on their website. We have just launched their Joomla powered website few days ago.


# the bug preventing a direct link to doc menuitem has been resolved.
# download links generated by the search plugin are now fixed

# The corrupted file download issue in a number of browsers has been resolved
# Documents with filesize = 0 are excluded from the list of displayed documents in the front-end

# {docs}alias{/docs} was not working in the rubberdoc plugin. the bug has been fixed.

Please Feel free to improve the code

The source code is released under the GPL license, so feel free to read through it and improve it if you liked and in that case please give us a copy too. You will get credit for your contribution on the “About” section of the component.


RubberDoc is a collaborative project done by:

If you find this extension useful, we would really appreciate it if you leave positive ratings and reviews here on this page

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Joomla RubberDoc 0.9.4 simple bug patches

July 9th 2008: The html list of links generated by the RubberDoc plugin does not close properly . To fix this issue:

  1. go to plugins/content/rubberdoc.php line 111
  2. replace <ul> with </ul>

July 8th 2008: there is a bug which results into downloaded files with corrupted data. To fix this issue:

  1. go to the components/com_rubberdoc/views/doc/view.raw.php
  2. replace the line 57 to 59 with the following code

$doc =& JFactory::getDocument();
$doc->setMimeEncoding( $mime );
$doc->setModifiedDate( $data->get(‘modified’) );

header(‘Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”‘.$fileName.'” ‘);
header(‘Content-Length: ‘. $fileSize);

July 3rd 2008: There is a bug which prevents {docs}doc-alias{/docs} tags to work properly within a Joomla article. This only happens when there is only one alias within the tags.

To fix this bug:

  1. go to the plugins/content/rubberdoc.php
  2. on line 149 replace all the instances of $doc[0]->id with $docs[0]->id and $doc[0]->title with $docs[0]->title
  3. save the file

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