Joomla RubberDoc V0.9.5 has been released

The new released contains a number of improvement and bug fixes based on all your valuable feedbacks. We would like to thank you for all the comments, star ratings, and reviews that you have posted. We couldn’t have done it without your help. Since the previous support post was getting too long, let’s use this blog post for the support purpose. Please post your concerns, questions, and feedbacks as comments.

Joomla RubberDoc has just been released

This project has been first inspired by our client Social Planning & Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) you can see RubberDoc being used to manage more than 140 documents on their website. We have just launched their Joomla powered website few days ago.


# the bug preventing a direct link to doc menuitem has been resolved.
# download links generated by the search plugin are now fixed

# The corrupted file download issue in a number of browsers has been resolved
# Documents with filesize = 0 are excluded from the list of displayed documents in the front-end

# {docs}alias{/docs} was not working in the rubberdoc plugin. the bug has been fixed.

Please Feel free to improve the code

The source code is released under the GPL license, so feel free to read through it and improve it if you liked and in that case please give us a copy too. You will get credit for your contribution on the “About” section of the component.


RubberDoc is a collaborative project done by:

If you find this extension useful, we would really appreciate it if you leave positive ratings and reviews here on this page

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84 thoughts on “Joomla RubberDoc V0.9.5 has been released”

  1. @Rastin Mehr, I’m trying to install that file, named in the actual release, but the XML installer is missing. I’ve already uncompressed the package.
    Thank you very much 😉

  2. Great component!

    Is there anyway to set the default sort order when you come into a page? ie. sort by document name descending, this would come in handy for when you want to turn off the document headers.



  3. When you have a moment, I have noticed something a bit puzzling.

    On our site homepage ( notice the rokslideshow module working in the footer bottom left. That is set to show on all pages in the backend configuration. And does so, mostly.

    If you navigate to here however: Notice the slideshow in the footer is not working. Yet the javascript is there and looks like it should work.

    This occurs on the three rubberdoc generated pages I have. Same in IE6 and FF3. Could this be caused by something in rubberdoc? I can’t see anything obvious myself.

    The Joomla! version is 1.5.5.



  4. same problem as jovimon XML error (can’t find) on install. But the preview looks great and I am eagerly waiting to test this component! thanks

  5. @Sandy – what was the name of the package that you’ve uploaded, and could you please copy-paste the exact error message? Thank you!

    @The Open Sourcer – sorry haven’t had the chance to spend long enough time on the issue. it is a rather strange behaviour!

  6. Hi Rastin and all,

    Two quick questions:

    1) Any luck with displaying the PDFs vreated in Quark/publisher?

    2) I have to display docs in a specific order that displaying by category does not do for me. So i did the following:

    {docs}F-37 Training and Education Request Form, F-32 Training Assistance Policy, F-38 Educational Assistance Policy, F-47 Study/Exam Leave Request Form, F-28 Participant Evaluation Form, F-35 Manager/Supervisor Assessment of Training Form, F-31 Training Attendance Form{/docs}

    as per the help page with the component. They did not display at all. How do I get documents to display in a specific order?

    Thanks a billion


  7. What file does RD use to format the table in which it displays documents?

    And, how do I edit this “template?” (without taking an advanced course in PHP).

    I’ve got 12 pdf files in the document manager. Successful. I’ve got the 12 files in one category. Successful. I’ve got the RD category added to my main menu. Successful.

    In this approach, the category appears in the web site as its own “page,” complete with a table and headings.

    However, if I try this as an article,
    {docs category=”listthesedocs”}, all I get is a simple listing of 12 files by name, with no formatting.

    How do I get alternate bands of background color? How do I add the pdf icon to each file? How do sort the order of the pdf files?

  8. Thanks for the response!

    The error is: Error! Could not find an XML setup file in the package.

    Steps to reproduce: download, extract, install through install/uninstall. Then the error. Joomla 1.5.5 Thanks again, I’ll keep trying to figure it out. Manifest.xml is in the package. Seems like others aren’t having any problems. Thank you!

  9. Hi all,

    I’ve got some SEF problems… I’ve read the previous comments on this and I think I’ve done the right thing… but perhaps someone could put me right!

    In the Global Configuration (J1.5.5), I’ve got:

    Search Engine Friendly URLs = Yes
    Use Apache mod_rewrite = No
    Add suffix to URL = No

    You can see the problem on this page:

    I would really apprecaite some help with this one!

    Many thanks,


  10. @Robbie – unfortunately not, we’ve been super busy with client projects and that leaves little room for free side projects such as RubberDoc. Unless a client enquiry comes in so we could spend commercial hours improving the RubberDoc code, other than that we have to wait until we have some free time.

    @Steve Leon
    – How do I get alternate bands of background color?

    The html list is created by the rubberdoc content plugin. I’m not sure if the output of a J1.5 plugin can be overwritten in the template similar to the module and components. Perhaps you could give it a try and improve the output of the code with more css clases.

    – How do I add the pdf icon to each file?

    I think in the next release we add appropriate css classes to the generated html list so they can be stylized.

    – How do sort the order of the pdf files?

    the query is in the rubberdoc.php content plugin, however we are going to make it more customization in the next release so you could set the orderings using tags or from the plugin parameters.

    @Sandy @Marc @Jeff

    We haven’t tested the RubberDoc on J1.5.5 yet. seems like the new release of joomla has created some issues that need to be fixed in the RubberDoc. Wait for the next release till we fix the issue. We would like to release the next version within a week or less.

  11. “@Steve Leon
    – How do I get alternate bands of background color?

    The html list is created by the rubberdoc content plugin. I’m not sure if the output of a J1.5 plugin can be overwritten in the template similar to the module and components. Perhaps you could give it a try and improve the output of the code with more css clases.”

    I wouldn’t even know where to start figuring this out. Please point me to the files to “borrow” code from, and which lines, and then which files to paste this borrowed code into.

    As noted, I’m trying to do this without learning php. I know how to write html and css with the help of Dreamweaver and other tools, but I’m struggling to make sense of Joomla. It’s amazingly powerful, but it clearly assumes programming expertise I don’t have. And I really appreciate any and all help and guidance.

    It sounds like your next release I hope next week will get me two thirds of the way toward Nirvana. I tried several other extensions and tools and RubberDoc is the only one that actually worked without having to earn another college degree on deadline.

  12. Hi,

    had the same problem with the 500 error when using the append .html suffix option.
    I didn´t want to change this option, so I tried to fix it in RubberDoc. The following Steps provided the solution for me:

    In the file views/category/view.html.php change the line
    $link = JRoute::_( ‘index.php?option=com_rubberdoc&view=doc&id=’.$item->id.’&format=raw’, false);
    $link = JRoute::_( ‘index.php?option=com_rubberdoc&view=doc&id=’.$item->id.’/’, false);

    In the file plugins/search/rubberdoc.php change the line
    $rows[$key]->href = JRoute::_(‘index.php?option=com_rubberdoc&view=doc&id=’.$row->id.’&format=raw’, false);
    $rows[$key]->href = JRoute::_(‘index.php?option=com_rubberdoc&view=doc&id=’.$row->id.’/’, false);

    Now the links are being displayed without the trailing “/raw.html”. Step 1 is for the category-view, step 2 is for the search result of the global Joomla search.

    Hope this will help others too an doesn´t have any side-effects!?

  13. Hi,

    I’m having trouble with Rubberdoc (getting server 500 errors) when I turn on Joomla’s own SEF. You can see it here:

    I’ve read the stuff above but it’s not working on my site… so I tried to track it down with a fresh installation of 1.5.5 and slowly working my way through installing extensions and… this is MAD…

    I’ve tracked down the error which appear to be a conflict between EMslideshow and RubberDoc, but the problem definitely only occurs when Joomla SEF is turned on.

    On this page:

    If you click on either of the two links with bullet-points, they work.

    But, then if I turn on the EMslideshow Plugin, they stop working (500 errors)

    If you turn off Joomla SEF, they both work together.

    Madness?!?! How could they be interfering?! I’ve emailed the guys at EMslideshow who, to their credit, are always first-class when it comes to support so I’ll be fascinated to see what they come up with!

    Anybody else have any thoughts?


  14. @Robbie –

    I was able to get IE6 to open PDF files by commenting out lines 63 & 64 in /components/com_rubberdoc/views/doc/view.raw.php

    //header(‘Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=”‘.$fileName.'” ‘);
    //header(‘Content-Length: ‘. $fileSize);

    @Devs –
    I really like this plugin, and look forward to future improvements. Thanks!

  15. I tried Danny’s solution, but it did not work. However, I found my own solution. Maybe it would work for others. This solution bypasses SEF for the links to download files.

    In /components/com_rubberdoc/views/category/view.html.php on line 85, change…

    $link = JRoute::_( ‘index.php?option=com_rubberdoc&view=doc&id=’.$item->id.’&format=raw’, false);


    $link = JURI::base().’index.php?option=com_rubberdoc&view=doc&id=’.$item->id.’&format=raw’;

    This same fix might also work with the search file that Danny mentioned, but I haven’t tested it.

  16. Hi,
    thanks foor this mod. It (should) fulfill all my needs.

    But, I keep having troubles uploading files.

    I’ll start with Multiple File upload.

    Every first time I open the page for Multiple File upload, everything seems fine. I can select files and place them in a list. After that I can click the button to start uploading after which the green bar starts to move.

    However, when a file is completed, the bar turns yellow and says there has been an error. Every now and then this file is actually uploaded and available within the Manage Documents option! More often than not, this is not the case.

    Every time after this ‘ritual’ when I return to the Multiple File upload, a JavaScript error is shown at the bottom of my browser (either IE7 or Firefox) at line 157 char 3. ‘not specified error’ in index.php?option=com_rubberdoc&controller=upload

    The second issue is with trying to upload files with the Manage Documents option. I select ‘ New’ and then enter the data I want. After selecting Save, the browser progress bar starts running and after a while a 404 error is the result. I haven’t had any different results with this option.

    I’ve tried with all possible CHMOD settings so that doesn’t appear to be the issue.

  17. Hi all,

    I have moved my Joomla site from the testing server to the live server and things have gone a bit wrong. For some reason, I can not upload new documents with rubberdoc.

    The file appears to upload fine but when I select to Manage Documents in order to assign the new file to a category, it does not show up and appears not to have uploaded. When I check the rubberdoc folder through ftp the file is not there.

    Has anyone got any ideas what may have happened?


    PS: Any luck with previous issues with PDFs from Quark 6.1 or setting the order I want docs to appear?

  18. Hello,

    can I use rubberdoc with mp3 files? I’m trying to upload one of 22 MB size, which seems under the limit, and it never shows up in the doc manager.

    Thanks for your help,

  19. Is it a possibility that you will be adding the capability to change the display order of the docs? At present the list displays in the order that the files were uploaded…

  20. Is there a way to get the files to shows what type they are with an icon of some sort? For example, a WORD icon for DOC files, Abode Reader icon for PDF’s, etc.

  21. I had SEF problem also and used KenLin solution. It worked fine for me but had to increase the memory limit in the php.ini file to get it to open the pdf, increased it from 16M to 40M this was an arbitrary figure so a smaller one would have worked. suppose it would depend on the size of the pdf mine was only 4.5M

  22. How do we use this to store pdf files of about 20MB in size, please?
    I understand from the screens that there is [apparently] a 10MB limit. It that fixed in stone? How can we make it larger for Joomla 1.57 site…to about 20 or 25. We need it for hanging reports for colleagues. Many Thanks!

  23. Hi Guys

    This looks like the perfect component. Much easier to manage for users then the like of DocMan. I have a question though. Is there the ability somewhere to have the same document in multiple categories? This would be a really handy feature.


  24. Hello

    Great Work!

    I’m running into an issue, but only on some documents. After uploading them, I get the following error in Firefox:

    File Not Found

    Firefox can’t find the file at

    * Could the item have been renamed, removed, or relocated?
    * Is there a spelling, capitalization, or other typographical error in the address?
    * Do you have sufficient access permissions to the requested item?

    I read some of your previous posts and made sure ‘add suffix to URLs’ is turned off. Any ideas?

    Thank you

  25. Linking problem with Internet Explorer 6 and 7

    As some have already reported here, there’s a problem with IE6. Some have posted solutions, none of which worked for me.

    I even noticed a problem with IE7. Normally it works, but when a link to a document is directly entered into the address field, there’s an error.

    My links looks like this:

    I already upgraded to 0.9.6. I tested with Firefox, Opera and Safari under Windows XP and Firefox under Linux. There’s no problem.

    Would be nice to get a fix. Thanks for any help.

  26. Hi, I have tried with Full permissions, firefox and IE.
    Single file upload works, Multiple file upload browse does nothing.
    I really like the mod though. Any ideas about this would be great.

    Thanks very much


  27. User gets a 404 error when clicking on the document link. Document has been uploaded to rubberdoc in joomla root. Permissions are open.

    Multiple file upload browse doesn’t work.


  28. I’ve installed the component fine and it appears fine when I create a component menu item but I dont seem to have any styling at all???

    how do i “Configure how the documents are made available to your visitors”


  29. I was wondering if anyone is having the issue of PDFs looking jumbled when opened in Firefox? When the pdf link is first selected the pdf looks fine, but if you should return to the previous page and try the pdf link again this is what you get even after refreshing the page..

    (àÑ ÐðÞAP<Æ`ÉNJ¢]þÒm'h;A†ÓPŒÂ´Hd?”< Fa‡aq!ô̲`ˆ1Œ yːF¹Š··º¾ûôíïBl2ˆXmH8àõðƒPA¦3PMÿ[§ß ÿîáÐMÐnBY œ@`‚΀苛´4( ѐx!7dV¢ßý+W_¿ßouon‚w Bûty…)

    In IE7 I noticed that on the second try of the PDF you are prompted to save index.pdf rather than the PDF opening. It appears that only after the browser session is closed and reopened will the PDF link work again.

    Is anyone else experiencing this or found a fix?

  30. I just noticed that the SPARC website is using a different version on Rubberdoc than what is available on the JED. Is that version going to be made public? It seems to work well with SEF and also the links appear like …doc/this-is-a-pdf.pdf which is preferred over “index.php?option=com_rubberdoc&view=doc&id=152&format=raw”

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