Joomla RubberDoc V0.9.5 has been released

The new released contains a number of improvement and bug fixes based on all your valuable feedbacks. We would like to thank you for all the comments, star ratings, and reviews that you have posted. We couldn’t have done it without your help. Since the previous support post was getting too long, let’s use this blog post for the support purpose. Please post your concerns, questions, and feedbacks as comments.

Joomla RubberDoc has just been released

This project has been first inspired by our client Social Planning & Research Council of British Columbia (SPARC BC) you can see RubberDoc being used to manage more than 140 documents on their website. We have just launched their Joomla powered website few days ago.


# the bug preventing a direct link to doc menuitem has been resolved.
# download links generated by the search plugin are now fixed

# The corrupted file download issue in a number of browsers has been resolved
# Documents with filesize = 0 are excluded from the list of displayed documents in the front-end

# {docs}alias{/docs} was not working in the rubberdoc plugin. the bug has been fixed.

Please Feel free to improve the code

The source code is released under the GPL license, so feel free to read through it and improve it if you liked and in that case please give us a copy too. You will get credit for your contribution on the “About” section of the component.


RubberDoc is a collaborative project done by:

If you find this extension useful, we would really appreciate it if you leave positive ratings and reviews here on this page

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84 thoughts on “Joomla RubberDoc V0.9.5 has been released”

  1. Thanks for the great tool. I just noticed the following error:
    In front-end, when I click on a document name to download it, refresh the page, the number of downloads is added by 2 instead of 1. Can you please help me fix that? Thanks.

  2. Hi,

    Great work on the component lads.

    Things are going great with this releas on Safari and firefox. However, on IE6, I can not open docs from the site, only download them. When I select to open instead of download, Acrobat opens and says:

    “There was a error opening this document. This file cannot be found.”

    Can anyone else confirm this problem and is it present with IE 7?

    Thanks a million,


  3. Hi Rastin,
    Sorry to reply only now, I was away. Yes I used the latest version (o.9.5). I also observe the same behavior on the page you mentioned. Thanks.

  4. Hi downloaded and installed on a developing site and very impressed works very well.

    Some points I’ve noted:
    If the module is set to display created or modified documents list in a template there is no control over the line length.
    So some of my document titles spill outside the position they’re set for. Maybe a width restriction option would help or a wrap?

    Also is there any front end control of uploading documents to categories?
    Ideally I’d like an authorer to be able to upload and then link to a document without having to access the backend at all.

    Thanks a great Joomla addition.

  5. First,thank you !
    But ,I have a problem :I can’t upload file than 1M size,you set the maxsize is 10M ,which don’t work ! can you give me a suggestion?

  6. Many thanks for a great extension!
    I’ve noticed a spelling mistake in the en-GB.com_rubberdoc.ini

    downlods should be downloads

  7. @Robbie – Thank you. We did test the RubberDoc with IE7 but not IE6. Perhaps we should.

    @Moulouk – I still have problem reproducing the bug that you have mentioned. on the example page that I gave you, I download a file, and refresh the page and the download number only increments by one. Could you please provide the steps that you went through that # of downloads incremented by two?

    @Pat – thank you for the feedback. In our case the long titles wrap, but we should perhaps consider a truncating the long titles.

    No there aren’t any front-end ability to upload documents. perhaps in the future versions of RubberDoc we will consider that.

    @Jack – check with your server’s configuration and see how much upload limits you have. The RubberDoc’s upload limit is set the same as the Joomla’s Default Media Manager upload limit.

    @Doug – Thank you for pointing that out. We’ll fix the spelling mistake.

  8. I have installed rubberdoc and the tool is great. I have only one problem which others may have resolved already.
    On firefox and IE7 I get the following error when someone clicks on a link to a document using rubberdoc:

    500 – View not found [name, type, prefix]: doc,html,rubberdocView

    You may not be able to visit this page because of:

    1. an out-of-date bookmark/favourite
    2. a search engine that has an out-of-date listing for this site
    3. a mistyped address
    4. you have no access to this page
    5. The requested resource was not found.
    6. An error has occurred while processing your request.

    Please try one of the following pages:

    * Home Page

    If difficulties persist, please contact the System Administrator of this site.

    View not found [name, type, prefix]: doc,html,rubberdocView

    I am not sure what is wrong
    Please help!

  9. @the4077th – you need to switch off the append .html to url in the global configuration SEF, until we find a solution to fix that.

  10. Installed latest version (0.9.5). The documents don’t appear to be coming out in any particular order. I’ve set the alias name to order them by that, but it doesn’t work.

    I’ve used the following tag, but it doesn’t put them in that order.
    {docs}brochure01, brochure02, brochure03, brochure04, brochure05, brochure06 {/docs}

    What it does is put them in the order they’re showing in Document Manager.

    What’s showing on my web site now is the following tags. But, of course, that doesn’t show the bullet in front of each doc.

    I’ve tried the category tag option as well, and no luck.

    It would be nice to specify some sort ordering for the documents.

    Also, in “Document Manager”, clicking on a column heading doesn’t sort them right.

    See under the “Literature” menu item. The tags are embedded in an article.

  11. When I tried to upload a pdf file:
    1. click upload. Uploading process bar runs
    2. Then after finished, the upload process bar displays: “Upload failed (406)”

    And the file is not uploaded.

  12. @Wade – what a good point. We aren’t really following the document’s ordering attribute within the articles. This is something to consider for the upcoming releases.

    @Hoang Tri – have you created a folder called “rubberdoc” in your joomla root with “write” permissions?

  13. @Rastin Mehr: yes, and it doesn’t change if I set it to 755 or 777.
    Ah more info: the Add single Document into a specific Category always works. Only Multiple add doesn’t work.

  14. Hola:

    Great Component.

    but always….I need more.

    The Case: I have file with more 10MB, sample 40MB, upload with FTP.

    How Add to Rubberdoc from Directory Rubberdoc create in root of my Joomla ?


  15. thanks for a very nice extension.
    I would also like to have the the possibility to order the documents – that would be great.

  16. Uhm I seem to have a file size limit issue as well.
    I can upload files under 2meg but anything over and it appears to have made the document but hasn’t. I get a 0 byte document showing in the manage documents but no document in the actual rubberdoc folder?

    Sure this is a server issue and maybe related to config.php but ot sure where to locate that on my server as it doesn’t seem to be in any of the Joomla directories.

    I’ve checked the control panel for my domain hosting and none of that seems to be limiting me?

  17. Hi all,

    I’m having a few quirks when trying having a list of several categories in a row… the bullets get indented, as the page thinks they are bullets within bullets, if you see what I mean!

    An example in on this page:

    Has anybody else found this and solved it, or am I doing something wrong?

    Other than this and the issue of the documents not being listed in the same order as Document Manager (as Wade suggested), it’s a great component!



  18. @Dave – I have posted the bug fix instruction here

    @Pat, @Jarocho – try Global Configuration > Site > Media Settings > Maximum Size

    If that worked, great! If not you should look into the php.ini file for your hosting account. For that you need to talk to your hosting company.

    @Mark – being able to order documents is a great feature. We will consider it for the future releases.

    @Robbie – No! sorry, we haven’t tested the extension on IE6 yet. It is quite sad that many people still haven’t upgraded their browsers, isn’t it?

    @Hoang Tri – I wish I could help, but it is difficult for me to reproduce the bug, unless I see the site for myself.

  19. Hi,
    First of all, thank you for a great component! I am having some difficulties though… I have a site locally that I work on, I have installed Rubberdoc there and it works (as long as I don’t add suffixes to the url:s).
    The trouble starts when I try to move my site from my Mac to my external test server… When I access the moved site it is just white and blank. I can go in to the backend and when I disable the plugin content – Rubberdoc the site works again (but naturally not Rubberdoc). Also in the backend I can’t access the Rubberdoc component, then everything just turn white and blank in the backend.
    So I uninstalled everything – component, module, plugins and try to install them from scratch (I have the folder rubberdoc in the root of my site) but even with a fresh install I get the same problems.
    I should add that I have Swedish language installed both back- and frontend.

    Has anyone else experienced this? It’s driving me crazy – especially since Rubberdoc would be just perfect for this site, I just have to use it!

    Thanks again,

  20. I downloaded and have attempted to install rubberdoc but the componant zip file gives me an cannot find an xml file in the package – the moduleinstalls just fine – Any Idea why this is happening ??

  21. Hi guys,

    Things are goin great with the component, however, I have noticed a strange behaviour. All the documents i’m displaying (in a row!!!! ) are PDF files. However, of late I have noticed, certain or them are not displaying and it appears that they are PDF files that have been created from Publisher or other packages that allow you to output to a PDF file.

    If you wish I could send you on one such type of doc.

    Is there anyone else observing this behaviour?


  22. @Gary – You need to unzip the first. The ziped extensions are inside.

    @Robbie – email me some of those pdf files info [at] so I can see.

    Or post a link to your website, that would be even better.

  23. Anybody know where the language files are situated ?
    I want to translate in dutch…and change ‘downlods’ to ‘downloads’ as well 🙂

  24. I am trying to install the RubberDoc component into my Joomla account and getting the following error.

    Fatal error: Call to a member function getTagName() on a non-object in /mnt/w0611/d02/s21/b02dd81d/www/afd/joomla/administrator/components/com_installer/installer.class.php on line 167

    Can anyone offer some assistance ?? I need to be able to offer a name/password restriction for some online documents and based on the description it appears this product will work.

    I am running PHP 5.2.5. and Joomla 1.0.10


  25. Hello, i have made simple JCE/Advanced Link plugin, which simplificates doc-links creation.
    how can i contribute it? 🙂

    PS> sorry for my runglish

  26. Hi,

    I’m having trouble with this on one of my sites…

    I’m getting the 500 error when I click on a file to download:

    500 – View not found [name, type, prefix]: doc,html,rubberdocView

    I am using the built-in SEF, with mod-rewrite, but I do not have the extension add enabled.

    Also, when I try to upload multiple files, everything appears to upload just fine (i.e., it shows 100% complete) – but the files aren’t actually uploaded.

    Lastly, if I use the Manage Documents area to upload a single image to a new document, it seems to work fine – but then there’s no filename in the “attached file” area – it does show the document type that’s attached, and the filesize, but no document name anywhere.


  27. Forgot to mention something – and this might be a clue about the multiple file upload problem…

    When I do a multiple upload, it appears to go fine. But then when I try to go anywhere in the admin area, I end up at the admin login screen needing to log back in – apparently, something in the multiple upload process is logging me out (without refreshing the screen… so I don’t know it until I try to do something).

  28. @zz – That sounds wonderful! Please send me a copy with the instructions. We’ll test it and include it in the package. We’ll also give you credit for your contribution 🙂

    @Scott – I won’t be able to help with the SEF issue, unless I’ll be able to examine it myself. Are all the file permissions correct? Do you have a folder “rubberdoc” with write permissions in your root directory?

    And also RubberDoc has no relation what so ever with the user sessions, so I’m not sure what causes logout issues.

    What type of server and what version of PHP, and Joomla are you using? Basically any clue which helps us reproduce the bug.

  29. @Rastin – do you need admin or ftp access?

    The site in question is here (the link goes to the Documents category layout):

    I’ve double-checked the permissions – rubberdoc folder set to 777

    It works fine when I upload one document at a time by creating a single “New” document (i.e., the document gets uploaded to the rubberdoc folder just fine).

    Here’s the server info:
    Database Version: 5.0.51a-community-log
    Database Collation: utf8_general_ci
    PHP Version: 5.2.5
    Web Server: Apache/2.0.63 (Unix) mod_ssl/2.0.63 OpenSSL/0.9.8b mod_auth_passthrough/2.1 mod_bwlimited/1.4 FrontPage/
    Web Server to PHP interface: cgi
    Joomla! Version: Joomla! 1.5.5 Production/Stable [ Mamni ] 27-July-2008 22:00 GMT

  30. 2Rastin Mehr
    ok, i`m finish filesytem sync, and option which allow you to save original filename after upload and send you package 🙂

  31. Hi and thanks for this extension first of all.

    I would like to alter the way the document category gets displayed on the frontend.

    The original table based layout doesn’t work for me and I would like to change it. I noticed in the zip file there was an package that seems to do a template override for some parts but looking further I see there is still a table based layout in default_items.php.

    Am I right in thinking that this is where I should be going if I want to alter the way the layout is displayed?

    Thanks again,


  32. Hi Rastin and all,

    I have sent the documents I am having trouble with to the address info [at] rmdstudio [dot] com. The files are uploading but saying they are 0mb in size and when assigned to a category, they do not show up on the front end page.

    These pdf files have been made from publisher (1) and Quark Xpress 6.1 (most of the others) and I hope that they can be made compatible as it seems that Quark will be the PDF maker of choice for this website and if so I may have to look at alternatives which I really really really do not wnat to do at all.



  33. Hi there,

    I think I answered my original question: yes. I can play with the template override to alter the output.

    One thing I thought would make a nice addition to the display is to be able to decide on the number of digits for the file size.

    You could add an option to the backend and use an integer to set it. I have tested the idea in the following way in my default_items.php:

    file_size / 1000000.0),3); ?>

    file_size / 1000000.0)); ?>

    Either works, you could substitute the “3” for the backend parameter to determine the number of digits. I’m not sure which method is more efficient however. Perhaps a PHP guru could comment?



  34. Your comment system ate my php lines 😉
    removing the php echo bit might help:

    number_format(($item->file_size / 1000000.0),3);

    sprintf(“%.3f”, ($item->file_size / 1000000.0));

    Is this better?

  35. Hi again,

    I’m sorry for all the comments but I’m getting into this extension and want to comment whilst I remember!

    Is there a reason why you don’t allow html tags in a document’s description field?

    I’d like to include hyperlinks to license conditions, original sources etc. Also being able to control the layout would be useful too. Perhaps allow certain tags or add an option to either strip tags or not?



  36. I’ve just discovered that the problem I’m having with Multiple File Upload in Rubberdoc is also happening in the Media Manager when I try to upload items there.

    The upload appears to progress just fine, and it gets to 100% and indicates success. Then if I click on a folder in Media Manager, I end up seeing the admin login screen in the “Files” window, as though I’ve been logged out, but the login is being loaded in an iframe. If I click on something outside of Media Manager, I immediately end up at the login screen… apparently logged out.

    Then, if I look in the destination folder on the server, the files I thought were successfully uploaded are not there.

    This is more or less the same behaviour as with Rubberdoc’s Multiple File Upload. Oddly, the single file upload (via New document creation or document editing) works fine.


  37. After some more investigation, and searching around the forums, I’ve come to think that the problem with the Multiple File Upload and the Media Manager uploading is the Flash Uploader.

    Until that gets fixed, it looks like I’ll have to upload one at a time…

    Although, that still doesn’t solve the 500 server error when trying to view documents in the front end. 🙁

  38. @Alan – you are on the right track regarding the table overwrites. In Joomla1.5 you can overwrite the output of any module or extension. RubberDoc is no exception.

    Thank you for the Tip regarding the file size display. Much appreciated. 🙂

    I guess we could do without cleaning up the html entities from the descriptions for the future releases.

    @Scott – RubberDoc uses the exact same API as the media managers multiple file upload, so I am not surprised to know that the bugs are also shared. I’m sure the Joomla! core team will come up with a bug fix very soon.

  39. Hi,
    I’ve tried to install the file inside the rubberdoc package, but it complains it doesn’t have the XML install file. Also happens with the package.

  40. @Ashish, @Jovimon, you need to unzip the downloaded package and then there is a inside. That is the one you should be installing.

  41. Hello Rastin

    Basically, I want to install your extension, but I need to clarify some things.

    I want to offer downloading in (limited storage) but put files on (unlimited storage).

    Is it possible?

    I need to download mp3 files. I installed remository and docman, but when I link the files on, files are playing not downloading.

    Thank you very much for your time and excellent job.


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