Come and Visit us in our new office!

Come and Visit us in our new office in Yaletown

Perhaps you have noticed the lack of activity on our blog and website. No we haven’t won any lottery tickets yet ( we don’t buy any ), but for the past few months we have been really busy with Client projects and also moved offices to Downtown Vancouver in the beautiful Yaletown area.

Our new office is located at #109 – 1118 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC (Google Map). We are the very social people offering Social Media solutions.

Yaletown, 14-Sep-08

When we take a break and go for a walk, this is our view.

Yaletown, 19-Sep-08

We are still unpacking and organizing the new location and try to keep up with the client projects in the same time.

Yaletown, 9-Oct-08

Ash Sanieyan from PeerGlobe Technology. He is the best freakin Software Architect you can ever find

Yaletown, 17-Sep-08

My wonderful friend Elliot, brought us awesome chocolate goodies! This fellow is my hero!

Another good news is that we have been working hard lately on the Anahita Social Engine project with my wonderful team-mate Ash Sanieyan from Peer Globe Technology and some great help from the folks at the Joomlatools. We like to think that the public GPL release of Anahita will be out within 4 months or less. If you like to get constant updates regarding the progress of the project please feel free to subscribe to my tweets

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7 thoughts on “Come and Visit us in our new office!”

  1. Arash, you chilled out son-of-a-*****. Lookin like Scarface in that pic but you’re rockin a mac instead of a grenade launcher & a pile of blow!! 😉


  2. Nice you guys are now my neighbours.. no more Blenz eh?

    I just started up a home office too, after removing one of my roommates. Best thing ever.

  3. @dm – LOL!

    @Jeff – We’ll do Blenz when the sun comes out again. Most of the summer we tried to work outside our office because we could. In Vancouver wasting a sunny day indoors is a major sin!

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