What is the status of RubberDoc project?

RubberDoc for Joomla! 1.5

The number of downloads for RubberDoc Joomla! extension has been overwhelming. Since the release date we’ve actually had more than 14,000 downloads and not to mention a large number of support requests.

Unfortunately we haven’t been able to come up with a next release since we have been so busy delivering client projects and putting all resources on the Developing the next release of Anahita Social Web Engine project ( which is ready for client project deployment btw!)

And none of the people who were sending support questions for the free and open source RubberDoc did not want to pay for the service, which means we could only respond to those questions on our free time which we have very little of!

First: we had not idea that this somewhat basic and boring project could have become so popular. We simply released the code under GPL because that’s how we do things around here. All innovations in our team are protected by GPL and CC licenses as soon as they see the day light.

Second: we are unlikely to come up with any immediate updates unless a client actually pays for the development hours or we figure that we need some updates for our own use, in that case we have no problem releasing a copy for the rest of the world to benefit from, however if none of those scenarios come up you just have to wait for the next free development hour to show up and that is unlikely to happen because ever since we’ve started our love affair with the Anahita project all our free time was dedicated to her.

To throw in some added value, if you hire us for some improvements to be implemented in the RubberDoc, we will include your name as a project sponsor on the “About” page of the extension in the administration back-end so with the thousands of downloads your website address and name will be distributed too. Again we always do that, whenever a copy of client project is made available under the GPL license.

So since I’ve taken the time to write this blog post, I would like to take the chance and answer some of the most frequently asked questions:

Question: package won’t install

Answer: unzip the package that you have downloaded and there are additional zip files inside. Those are the ones that you would want to be installing.

Concern: the multiple upload isn’t working:

Answer: This is due to recent upgrade of Adobe Flash Player and it broke many uploaders around the web that used the FancyUpload from Mootools project. RubberDoc uses Joomla API. Mootools has fixed this issue in the release 1.2 however Joomla 1.5 core team have been quite slow in upgrading Joomla!’s javascript library, therefore the bug remains until Jommla upgrades their mootools.

Concern: there is a upload file limit of 2MB or less

Answer: check your server’s php.ini file and there you can increase the upload size limit upload_max_filesize. Ask your hosting company on how to make changes to your php.ini file

Concern: when I set the SEF urls to append .html rubberDoc breaks

Answer: yes we need to improve the SEF urls for RubberDoc and so for now you have to switch off the .html

Concern: RubberDoc files do not download well on IE6

Answer: yes we spent some time to optimize for IE6 but gave up due to our busy schedule. The reality is that we get only 4% IE6 users ourselves, and our clients have been more than happy to install IE6 warnings on their websites to encourage people to upgrade their browsers. We and many others hope that the curse of IE6 which has been placed on many computers will be removed someday.

11 thoughts on “What is the status of RubberDoc project?”

  1. Can’t find where you modify which fields are displayed in the front end. Don’t want to display the file create date/last modified date. Other than that, it’s a great add-on.

  2. Hello,
    I was wondering if there is anyway I can modify the code so that the documents can appear in reverse order. Right now I have to appear in order but that makes the last added document at the very bottom.

    Thanks for you help.

  3. Hi guys, a great piece of software.. but it would be really really great if you could fix the little SEO issue.. I would really like to turn it back on again..


  4. Hello,

    This is a great software, however I cannot seem to get my root directory for ‘rubberdoc’ to save. Do you guys have any tips for how to do that? I will go to Components> Documents> Manage Documents and I get the message “Please create a writable directory in the Joomla root and name it “rubberdoc”” I proceed to click on the Parameters button and make a RubberDoc Directory named rubberdoc and click save, only to have the same message as above pop up when I refresh the page or go to Manage Documents again. Any tips are helpful.


  5. hi

    with 1.5.14 version of joomla i can’t download files bigger than 1 meg anymore, any idea?

    thx andrea

  6. Hi,

    I just installed your two plugins and the module. When I go the the Manage Documents, I get a blank screen. The URI used is


    For some reason, windows was not changing the read only permission on the rubberdoc file, so I did a dos level chmod 777 on it and the permissions are now rwx for all. I even dumped some pdf files in the directory.


  7. hello
    i am a happy about RubberDoc, it is exactly what i’ve been looking for
    thx for this great tool
    i am using joomla 1.5.15/ php 5.2.2 / mysql 5.0.41
    rubberdocs works fine but there is a question (problem ?) to manage my documents
    i want to manage documents by assigning them to more then one categories
    actually i have a “main – categorie” all my documents (>400 docs) are assigned to this categorie (this is basicly what i need)
    now i want to assign (link) the same documents to other categories in sub-menu’s from joomla (for the departments in our society) without uploading and assigning the document again
    but if i try to assigning the documents by pressing the control-key to select more then one categorie there is no chance, only one categorie can be selected
    do u have a tutorial or helpfiles or tips (hopefully in german?) for me to do this ?
    thanks in advance
    norbert (german user)

    i apologise for my bad english

  8. I was wondering if anyone is having the issue of PDFs looking jumbled when opened in Firefox? When the pdf link is first selected the pdf looks fine, but if you should return to the previous page and try the pdf link again this is what you get even after refreshing the page..

    (àÑ ÐðÞAP<Æ`ÉNJ¢]þÒm'h;A†ÓPŒÂ´Hd?”< Fa‡aq!ô̲`ˆ1Œ yːF¹Š··º¾ûôíïBl2ˆXmH8àõðƒPA¦3PMÿ[§ß ÿîáÐMÐnBY œ@`‚΀苛´4( ѐx!7dV¢ßý+W_¿ßouon‚w Bûty…)

    In IE7 I noticed that on the second try of the PDF you are prompted to save index.pdf rather than the PDF opening. It appears that only after the browser session is closed and reopened will the PDF link work again.

    Is anyone else experiencing this or found a fix?

  9. Rubberdoc is very nice component because is is simple and displays documents in a simple way.

    I have some feature requests: please consider it in next release. There must be multi layer of categories or at least one layer of section and another layer of category.

    Guys please help the developer by donating some money.

    Thank you.

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