Have you met the folks at the KontentCreative?

Because if you haven’t, you should! They are not just yet another branding and design company in Vancouver. These people have a long history in the design industry, doing projects for big lable companies and now they have teamed up and started a new company in a really cool spot in Gastown on Water Street.

We’ve always believed the best way to make friends is to be a friend! The KontentCreative team did just that and upon launching their blog they sent out a list of 5 simple questions to all their contacts and after collecting the feedbacks they made a blog post about every participant. Here is the one about us!

And we are more than happy to return the favour by writing how professional and skilled these people are when it gets to design and branding. Here are some bad iPhone pictures from our last visit to their studio. Perhaps next time we better show up with better cameras 😉

So here is to James Wallace, Jessica Wakeman, Guy Steuart
Christopher Dallin

Vancouver is looking forward to your innovations and success stories!

Website: kontentcreative.com

Blog: kontentcreative.com/blog/

Twitter: @KontentCreative

Gastown, 23-Apr-09

James Wallace (KontentCreative) this man is my hero. He has designed more websites than anybody that I know and he has won serveral design awards.

Gastown, 23-Apr-09

Rastin Mehr (rmd Studio) I am not taking a nap, perhaps Ash (peerglobe) could work on his timing when he takes a picture

Gastown, 23-Apr-09

Ash (Peerglobe Technology) I’ve returned the favor by taking a bad picture from Ash :p