Nooku Framework is Joomla’s missing MVC core

Yaletown, 23-May-09

After few months of development in Nooku Framework I would like to write a little review, so you’ll know about this amazing framework developed by the talented folks at the Joomlatools that gave wings to our project. Nooku Framework+Joomla gave us the MVC and Content Mangement Framework (CMF) that we’ve always wanted to develop the Anahita Social â„¢ Engine project.

Drupal and WordPress severely lack a solid software development framework. Many PHP MVC frameworks such as CakePHP or Symfony lacked any sort of the higher level functionalities such as CMS, Template Engine, Extensions Management, Menu Management, basic user management, authentication, Etc.

Joomla 1.5 closed the gap by providing both the MVC framework for software development and all the higher level set of functionalities that I mentioned the last paragraph. Nooku Framework took the framework [More] to an entirely new level that Joomla could not possibly provide on it’s own. Few months ago we have rebuilt our project (Anahita Social â„¢ Engine) using Nooku Framework within 6 weeks, and ever since software development has been a much more inspiring and agile process.

Nooku Framework‘s syntax is actually much simpler and more flexible than Joomla’s native API in the mean time it doesn’t take away what Joomla already provides.

Nooku Framework also reduces the core redundancies dramatically so by following the DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) principal our methods have been reduced by 50~30% of what they used to be using Joomla’s native API.

The database layer provides much more opportunities such as dynamic tables, rows, rowsets, and query classes.

Follow the REST architecture, Nooku Framework controllers actually bake you a nice BREAD (Browse, Read, Edit, Add, Delete)

Views and templates are far more organized and your code end up being much cleaner and more readable for the web developers who’ll be skinning your web application.

Nooku Framework also provides nifty options such as inflector classes, magic functions, and many small surprises that make MVC software development a truly pleasurable process.

Bottom line we can not consider developing Joomla extensions without using Nooku Framework. We think of it as the MVC core that Joomla has always needed!

Thank You Joomlatools and great kudos to the talented development team Mathias Verraes and Johan Janssens the true visionary and former lead developer of what makes up most of the Joomla 1.5 framework today.

13 thoughts on “Nooku Framework is Joomla’s missing MVC core”

  1. @johan – no thank you! our project couldn’t possibly get where it is today without Nooku Framework and the great contributions of your team at Joomlatools!

  2. From what I’ve seen Nooku is the bomb. It delivers so much more than I expected and it’s gonna put the likes of Ruby on Rails on the ropes. A knockout framework. Excellent work guys. Can’t wait to see you take the next steps to a Joomla+Nooku CMS = Web 3.0, as far as I’m concerned.

  3. Nooku seems like the framework I’m looking for to build a new (stand-alone) webapplication, integrated with Joomla! cms

    Any quickstart tutorials online already?

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