Nooku Framework Is Now Publicly Available

We have good news for the MVC crazed web application developers and especially those who use Joomla! not only as a great CMS but also a superb framework for Internet software development.

The long awaited Nooku Framework developed by the father and co-founder of Joomla! CMS Johan Janssens and his uber talented team-mate Mathias Verraes is now available to public on the sourceforge under the GPL license.

Nooku Framework is available as an installable plugin for Joomla! 1.5. It is the Joomla’s missing MVC framework. It is the jet engine for Joomla. This framework does not take away what Joomla already provides and instead provides options to mix and match with the Joomla APIa and turn the whole package into an ideal platform for developing next generation web applications with as little as possible coding that is fun, programmer friendly, and exciting.

Johan Janssens – Lead Developer of Nooku Framework

Nooku Framework provides many missing elements that the Joomla! MVC does not provide, for example support for mixins, row classes, dynamic tables, factory classes, etc . Even the Model, View, and Controller base classes provide a much leaner and programmer friendly methods with opportunities to develop true REST architecture APIs.

Mathias Verraes – Lead Developer of Nooku Framework

Surprisingly the Nooku Framework API is also a lot simpler to learn than the Joomla’s native API. You get to access all the classes and objects across extensions using factory classes. That is anywhere, anytime.


This is an example of how coding in Nooku Framework (Code Koowa) can save you many lines of code in comparison with the Joomla! API

We (Ash and Rastin) are proud to be the first major open source project adopting the Nooku Framework for the Anahita Social Engine project other than the Nooku Translation extension developed by the Nooku team: Johan and Mathias. The Anahita-Nooku-Joomla stack enables us to develop all types of online ecosystems and social websites like no other framework does.

Congratulations Nookuâ„¢ team!

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  1. Hi,

    do you have any idea if there is any session going to be around about it, which we can learn more about it from the Masters?


  2. @Ali – The framework is quite new and as far as I know our team is the only one in BC using it. Perhaps we will be able to arrange some Nooku Framework and Anahita workshops and training sessions once we get the time in the next few months.

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