Oh Hello there I’m still here

The PurpleRat Team: Talia, Ash, Rastin (myself)
The PurpleRat Team: Talia, Ash, and Rastin (myself)

Here comes a post after 18 months of not updating this blog. I have been fully engaged with the 2 projects and brands that we have been growing with my business partners Ash (from Peerglobe Technology) and Talia (TACN Studio) and that left me with very little time to update this blog. As you can see the rmd Studio blog has now been revived under an actual domain name RastinMehr.com.

A lot has happened during the past 18 months:

Last December we have co-founded our own tribe called the PurpleRat Tribe of companies which consists of rmd Studio, Peerglobe Technology, and TACN STudio. Our focus is developing mobile technologies. Purplerat.com provides custom iphone, ipad, and android apps development mainly in the Vancouver, BC, Canada area. We are however available to do custom projects for the clients outside British Columbia as well as Canada.

This January We have also officially launched the Anahitapolis website which is the home to the Anahita Social Networking Engine Project. A Social Engine or Social Networking Engine is basically the foundation you need to develop your social networking projects of any kind. It provides you a framework to build custom apps and a platform to host them. There are currently several other social engine projects happening in the world such as Elgg Social Engine, BuddyPress, Diaspora, and Appleseed (Thank you Wikipedia).

I can see that many future Internet services will be developed using different types of social engine technologies and as it was in the ReadWriteWeb (Web2.0) era, most of the action will be in the open source world.

While we fully appreciate a diverse ecosystem, yet as the creators of Anahita we would like to see her as the foundation of many future social networking technologies and businesses. We have been quite productive so far. Anahita project has had 9000 code commits done over 3200 hours and currently provides a collection of 5 stable social apps. More will be added as the project moves forward. You can read the 2nd quarterly report about the Anahita project yourself.

You will be noticing changes to the rmd Studio website as well. It is time to simplify things a bit. Simple is more manageable.