Coding Is Witchcraft

At least by the contemporary context of Witchcraft, programming involves putting down mathematic symbols, alphabets, and characters that influence the forces of universe. This craft can be used for both good evil.

Today software is powering the world. Everywhere from communication, transportation, medicine, manufacturing, and agriculture, software is playing a very important role. Software is what telling the inanimate machines and silicon chips to come alive and do things or create virtual realities with unlimited possibilities. When hackers and developers have been putting together code to create blogs, wikis, and social networks, they had little knowledge that their creations could lead to fundamental social and cultural changes to the point that powerful governments and corporations would go under and new ones would arise.

Software is made out of many programs. A program is made out of lines of symbols, characters, and numbers. They are the spells that manipulate the forces of universe. Coding is the new Witchcraft and hackers are the wizards and witches who manipulate and exploit the forces of good and evil, the yin and yang, in our everyday world.

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