Vaccine passports aren’t a punishment

Vaccine passports aren’t a punishment. They are a means to protect the population from unvaccinated individuals who are potential hosts for pathogens and variants by removing them from public spaces.

In a pandemic such as this one, a population is only safe when 90% of the individuals are fully vaccinated. That is achieved by vaccinating as many people as possible and removing the individuals who won’t vaccinate. Otherwise, the virus will keep circulating in the population forever, making people sick, taking lives, and eventually bring down the economy and other infrastructures.

No vaccine is 100% effective, but it’s a very effective layer of protection in addition to the other layers of protection. Personal choice is for when you decide whether to take antibiotics, HPV vaccine or getting a nose job, where your decision only affects you.

In a pandemic, your choice of not getting vaccinated will put people in your community at risk. If it doesn’t kill someone in your immediate circle, the pathogen in your body will eventually harm someone a few degrees removed from you.

Your personal choice ends where other people‚Äôs safety starts. That’s how public health works.