Happy Yalda 2022

Happy winter solstice! Did you know that Yalda is the Persian’s winter solstice? Yalda means “birth,” and the Yalda festival is at least 2500 years old. It symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness.

You celebrate Yalda by wearing something red, lighting candles, staying up all night, snacking on pomegranates and roasted nuts, drinking red wine, reading poetry, and reflecting on your existence within cycles of nature and living as one of the many life forms.

Yalda is one of the many ancient traditions that the Islamic invaders and occupiers who colonized Persia 1400 years ago failed to exterminate from people’s lives. As you might know, Iranian women and youth have been uprising against the theocracy of the Islamic regime in their country, and during this Yalda, they are continuing to fight on the streets. So while celebrating Winter Solstice, please keep them in your thoughts.

Happy Yalda, and may light be in your lives!