The Hackers & Painters book

Here I’ve got a really good book for you. Hackers & Painters is a collection of essays from Paul Graham. He is a Ph.D. Computer Scientist from Harvard University who has also studied painting at the RISD and the Accademia in Florence, Italy. Paul has created the new Arc language, and he has also created the first web-based application in 1996. Being a Web Application Architect and a Visual Artist myself, he could well be one of my idols. I think he is a living example of Leonardo Da Vinci.

The term Hacker is used here to describe skillful Computer Programmers, and Software Architects, and should not be mistaken with Computer Criminals.

Hackers & Painters - Photography By Rastin Mehr

I must say I bought this book only to find out that all the essays are available on Paul Graham’s website for free, so if you have no problem reading a book on the screen you’ve got yourself a deal. I sometimes like the feel of a book, because I can take it to a coffee shop, read it, and look smart to the ladies. A Book also has an index, so you can look up keywords such as Pointy-Haired boss!

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Introducing the book

I told you I won’t be posting here, becuase I ‘m on a short Vacation. But that doesn’t mean I can’t post funny movies.

Some people just have problem adopting any kind of new technologies. I think this youTube movie is brilliant!


Open Source Consulting Advantages and Challenges

Bruce Byfield is a Computer Journalist who writes for NewsForge, and IT Manager’s Journal. He is also a member of Tazzu Networking forum. Last week Bruce conducted an interview with rmd Studio and two other consulting companies SEB Global Intertech and VG Universe Design from the Tazzu community. The three interviewed companies have one thing in common, they all primarily offer FOSS ( Free Open Source Software ) solutions to their clients.

This is Free as Freedom, not Free Beer, meaning that consultants and developers are free to modify and customize the software and charge their client for the customization work.

This Article is titled “FOSS consulting offers special advantages and challenges” and it tackles interesting topics about choosing the right FOSS, business advantages and the challenges involved in educating clients who do not know what FOSS is all about.

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