Hello world!

rmd Studio Blog is launched and it has already two entries on it! … Yay!

rmd Studio Blog Launch

My first thought was to delay the launch until there are at least 5 or 7 entries on the blog, but then I changed my mind and decided to launch whatever there is and populate it over time. What’s the point of waiting for everything to be absolutely perfect? and will I ever get there?

I like to start very low key, which is why I have started with posts about IT Job Descriptions.

I have noticed that, the first questions my clients ask are often about hiring the right people and I was surprised to see how little they knew about different IT job descriptions. This is specially true in Sales and Marketing companies; the difference between programmers, software architects, system analysts seem so unclear to them. To them everything that happens on the web, is the Web Designer’s job.

Just have a look at job postings on Monster.ca, Workopolice.com done by some reputable companies who are looking for Web Designers on steroid who can Program in more than ten different languages, do slick Graphic Design, provide 100% up time System Administration and Customer Support and work over the weekends too ! This is to help them build the next rising star web site on a 45K annual salary, several cups of coffee and few Chocolate bars.


So I thought it would be a good start for a while to post information about what Programmers, Software Architects, System Analysts, Information Architects, Graphic Designers, and Web Designers actually do.