Why I like using frameworks

I like using frameworks, because they take care of so much of the dirty work and that means I can focus on the core purpose of a project.

Mootools Javascript Framework

One of my biggest nightmares is making my Javascript code work in non-standard compliant browsers such as IE 6 and IE 7. I’m sure every web UI designer has some horror stories to tell about all the time wasted on resolving Javascript cross browser issues.

Just recently we have delivered a project ( www.north49.com ) and we also installed a Joomla quick form generator which submits the forms using some snazzy ajax. I developed the component using Mootools Javascript framework, and for the first time in my life my code which was developed on Firefox and Safari, worked just fine on both IE 6 and 7. This was just unbelievable!

Mootools is an object oriented cross-browser javascript framework which makes the job of developing web UIs a lot easier and faster. Best of all Mootools is released under MIT License and the documentation is very through and comprehensive. Mootools is made in Italy so it would make sense if we think of the creator Valerio Proietti as the Giorgio Armani of web UI programming.

Mootools is also very light! I believe it is also lighter than Prototype Framework used in Ruby on Rails. You can check out some samples of what you can do using Mootools here, and read some great mootools tutorials (Mootorials) on the CNet website.

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