You are beautiful!

Yes, I know it sounds like the title of a dodgy song, but have you guys noticed a boost in people’s self esteem? I mean for the last few decades people have been bombarded in TV commercials that they aren’t good enough unless they buy a certain product that corporations are trying to sell.

People aren’t worthy enough to get a date unless they buy some fancy branded mint or toothpaste to cure a bad breath.

People aren’t cool enough unless they drink a fancy branded coloured corn syrup sugar water.

People don’t get to be on the front page of a publication unless some big corporation decides if that person is good enough or not.

Corporation decides what music ought to be popular, what fashion is going to be the current trend, what kind of food is considered both hip and nutritious, and what sportswear and diet is required to take the same calories off.

These are the companies who bottle tap water and sell it back to people, or take the fiber out of the food, and then sell it back to people and tell them how much they care about their healthy life style.

and here come every day individuals who snap a pictures of themselves, post it on Flickr or Face Book, and receive tens or hundreds of comments from people who say “you are looking swell baby!”, “you look gorgeous!” “You are beautiful!” I know artists who have risen up by people’s choice, I have seen Movie Clips produced which have been viewed more than 52 million times and they are not from Universal Studio!

Isn’t it great when people decide what’s good for them?

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