Blogosphere just got better!

My good friend and business associate, Ash Sanieyan from PeerGlobe Technology, has launched his new website and blog. PeerGlobe’s new website is powered by the Joomla CMS version 1.5 and so far it looks pretty good. Ash is constantly improving the site as he is going. Once he told me that he can’t wait until everything is perfect and I agreed. That is exactly why we have created content management systems so we can gradually fine-tune and grow the content of our websites.

Ash Sanieyan at the Adobe AIR Workshop - The Network Hub, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Ash is a brilliant developer, and his specialties are Ruby on Rails, Facebook Applications, and Mobile Applications. Just two nights ago we hosted the Adobe AIR Workshop together at The Network Hubs, and he was showing everyone how to put a flex user interface on top of a Ruby On Rails MVC design.

PeerGlobes blog is still new. We are looking forward to many useful insights that Ash will publish for us.