The Vancouver Joomla! DocCamp event starts

Vancouver Joomla DocCamp Jan19

Yes … we are here! We actually started around 9:30 and more people joined in. We started our day with a group discussion about Content Management Systems, their concept, differences and such. We also discussed their impact on our everyday lives and organizations that use them. Then learned a little more about the history of Joomla CMS project and the fact that it is a free and open source open source

Our team consist of 3 main groups of people. Writers, Designers and Developers. The night before I installed a copy of Joomla 1.5 and created Administrator accounts for all the participants. This way we could all poke around and play with CMS front-end interface and back-end administration panel. People had some questions regarding the Joomla Section, Category, Article management and how they relate to the Joomla Menu Management system and whether Joomla’s is able to handle a solid Content Editorial and approval process. We also discussed how Joomla! CMS frame work can turn into an intranet and social networking framework in several stages.

In this session all participants are free to use any Internet medium they are most comfortable with. Some are using their blogs to write about their first experience with Joomla and how it works, and a few have actually signed up for accounts on the Joomla Documentation Wiki ( so they can directly contribute the Joomla knowledge repository.

In my upcoming blog posts I would like to introduce our participants one by one and tell you more about them.

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