Vancouver Joomla DocCamp was loads of fun

We had a wonderful time! Up to 17 people showed up and we were writing and exchanging a lot of information with each other. By the end of the day we were really exhausted. For some of us there was simply too much information to digest, and I tried my best to circulate and answer all the questions to the point that I didn’t get the chance to blog the event as we were working.

Our good friend Mr. Bruce Byfield showed up at the door and conducted an interview with us. It is always great to see Bruce, he is such a great company with so much knowledge about Technology and Open Source to contribute.

A lot of us suggested that we better plan some Joomla DemoCamp events to learn concepts such as Information Architecture, website development, and Software Development techniques in the Joomla 1.5 framework.

You can see the rest of the pictures on my flickr account. I have also done some Video interviews with some of the participants using the iSight camera on my laptop, therefore tomorrow I am going to spend some time and write about the people who donated their valuable time during the weekend and participated in this community activity. So stay tune! there will be more on the Vancouver Joomla DocCamp event on this blog tomorrow.

I would like to thank all the people who have participated in this event today. You were wonderful! You rocked!

  • Jeannette Duguay
  • Ash Sanieyan & Kim
  • Monica Hamburg
  • Robert Park
  • Minna
  • Alicia
  • Mike Toscano
  • David Westrom
  • Erica Lam
  • Gwyn Pritchett
  • Jacob Atchison
  • Lee Down
  • Steven Paul
  • Steven Stark & Annette

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5 thoughts on “Vancouver Joomla DocCamp was loads of fun”

  1. It was a fun session indeed Johan 🙂

    I will be doing some more blogging today about the people who participated and also going to bring together the content that they have published on their blogs.

    I made some videos too using the camera on my laptop.

    We’re looking forward the Brussels event. Good luck on that!

  2. Hi Rastin,

    I was glad to have come out. I still have a lot to understand before I can really use Joomla. If I hadn’t come out, I wouldn’t have taken on the challenge. It’s a great group to learn and work with.

    Cheers, Lee

  3. Hi Rastin!

    Was great taking a look at Joomla again for the first time in a year. It was also great to finally meet you in person!

    I am hoping to blog more about Joomla in the weeks and months to come as I start my own venture into utilizing the software for some projects I`m still in the planning stages for.


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