When the unity of the Center and Left breaks apart, conservatives and far-right win

Today Roe v. Wade got overturned by the right-wing US supreme court. It’s a sad day for the US; it’s a sad day for the people who can give birth.

I keep seeing people say, “I can’t believe that the US supreme court did this” well, that’s because not enough people are taking the threat of conservatism, far-right, and white supremacy seriously enough. Roe v. Wade got overturned because the unity of the Center and Left broke apart, and a winning far-right lunatic changed the composition of the US supreme court.

In every election, power is gained only by winning seats, not by voting for a losing progressive candidate more aligned with your political beliefs, and certainly not by refusing to vote!

In every election, the primary objective should be stopping the conservative and far-right candidates because that is a prerequisite to getting progressive policies protected and legislated in a liberal democracy.