Happy International Women’s Day

Remember that patriarchy created Capitalism to extract value from the masses and then concentrate them in the hands of a few capitalists.

Patriarchy invented religion and Gods in the image of powerful men because the idea of heaven and hell would give people an illusion of justice while living in an economically unjust world. After all, when unprivileged people believe that all their hard work in this life will eventually be compensated in the afterlife, they are less likely to organize an uprise against those who exploit people and nature for profit.

Patriarchy denies women equal rights and opportunities, safety, economic power, and autonomy; it reduced women to properties owned by men and as incubators that gave birth to more workers and soldiers that served and protected patriarchy’s wealth extraction and exploitation systems.

Patriarchy is an ancient system of oppression and exploitation. It is a manufactured construct, not a default fixture of our reality. It harms people regardless of gender, but even more so, people who challenge the patriarchy’s hegemonic idea of masculinity.

Patriarchy harms our environment and nature, too. As Francis Bacon said, “nature must be taken by the forelock,” because as it seems, nature is a woman and patriarchy’s idea of resource extraction and economic growth is a rape fantasy!

Today we celebrate women, recognize their struggles against patriarchy, and learn from their many achievements.