Blues and Fusion dance at Coalescence

This is what I do every Sunday night and 2 Friday nights every month. It is the most healing and the most precious gift that I receive from my friends in the dance community. The healing power of dance makes me shiny and new every week so I can take on life battles. Thank you Sabrina for the dance and Tristan for the video. It is trippy to see myself dance in a video.

Blues Dance Mend My Heart

Blues dance, mend my heart tonight
Lift up the soul of this wounded knight
Cherishing the thoughts of a loving past
Haloed with the dancers’ healing light

I wrote that last night before heading out for the Blues dance. I normally don’t write poetry unless something emotionally difficult happens. It is a mental cough.

The relationships that I talked about in my previous post came to an abrupt end this weekend!

I know, I never claimed that my love life was perfect. It’s too bad, because I really thought this was the one, but looks like I have to keep looking and keep trying. Who knows how many more rejections I will be going through before I meet someone who actually likes my configuration and feels comfortable with the unfamiliar me.

Gratitudes to meditation, sleeping, extra strength Advil, and Blues dance. Mentally processing a rejection takes a a bit of time. Thank goodness that Blues Dance was happening this weekend. As usual all my friends were happy to see me and I received lots of love and good dances for the rest of the night.

If you like to try Blues and fusion dancing come to Academie Duello Centre on Sundays from 8:30 PM to 1 AM. It is free for your first time to attend and there are lessons at the beginning of each session. The entrance fee is a sliding scale of $6~$20 whatever you can afford. Think of this as yoga and meditation in motion. You’re welcome!