Not all programmers can develop software

Alright! here is a piece of information that I think every product, marketing, or human resource manager may want to keep in mind:

Every Software Developer can program, but not every Programmer can develop software.

Does it makes sense? here is another example:

JK Rowling can read and write English, but not every college graduate can write the next best selling Harry Potter book even though they both know how to read and write English.

I can get all fancy and discuss all the technical details that set software developers apart from programmers, but I think I communicated my point. To become a software developer one has to spend months and years to program in different languages, and they also learn how to treat code as building blocks to build more elaborate structures know as computer software or applications.

In smaller teams, software developers often design, plan and program their ideas themselves. In larger teams they may focus on the design and planning and hand over the implementation to the Programmers, although programming is often a joyful experience so software developers usually create some programming time for themselves too. Why do you think so many professional developers devote their time to open source projects around the world? because it is fun and exciting!

Normally, software developers are pricier than programmers. If your project is a web or desktop application you may want to consider it a good investment, or else you may end up with a product that seems to be working ( if you are lucky ) but suffers from poor architecture, performance issues or a phenomenon called the “Spaghetti Code!” or the “Dog’s Breakfast!” which makes it very hard to maintain.

You wouldn’t serve that kind of cuisine to your end-users, would you?

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